Look from Side to Side from the Neck

1. Neck tilt: Let the head drop gently on one side, then the other back and forth. Let gravity do the work. Try to feel how much it weighs. Keep both shoulders dropped, relaxed and motionless.

2. Side to side rotation: Look over the shoulders one after the other, looking further and further back as you warm up.

Let your eyes direct the movement and let your neck follow so it is always in extension, never in contraction.

3. Up and down: Look up right over the head, then down in between your feet alternately.

4. Rotations: Follow a circle around your face clockwise several time, then counterclockwise. Again keep your eyes open and directing the movement. The neck is only following.

For all the exercises make sure you keep the rest of the body joints loose and breathe calmly from your abdomen.

Fig. 15 Look from Side to Side from the Neck

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