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Fig. 25 Bone Breathing 2. Bone Compression

This exercise is another mean of increasing the flow of Chi to the muscles and the bones, squeezing out toxins, sediment, waste material, and negative emotions that have become stored in the muscles. Once these negative qualities are cleaned out, positive ones have room to grow. Positive emotions relax the muscles and the entire body.

We also know the Bone Compression as the "Power Exercise" or the "Dynamic Tension" which serves to greatly tone up the muscles and strengthening the bone and bone marrow. It is accomplished by tightening and squeezing the muscles to the bones as you inhale, then releasing and totally relaxing chose muscles as you exhale strongly.

Practice in the following progression: (a) hands, forearms, upper arms; (b) legs, lower legs, thighs; (c) neck and head, (d) back (spinal cord) and chest (rib cage). Peel the muscles and bones separate from each other as you relax.

Complete the exercise by standing up straight with the palms on the navel. (Men, left palm over right; women, right palm over left). Stand for a while, and feel the Chi flow in your Microcosmic Orbit. Then concentrate on collecting the energy in the navel. Men should spiral the energy outwards in a clockwise direction 36 times, being careful not to go above the diaphragm or below the pubic bone, then inwards 24 times, and collect the energy at the navel. Women should spiral in a counterclockwise direction 36 times, reversing when spiraling inwards for 24 times. When you are finished, relax, and use the palms to gently brush any remaining energy down from the chest.

Tips of the fingers have a lot of Chi.

Tips of the fingers have a lot of Chi.

Fig. 26 Touching Navel and Sexual Center.

(1) Using the mind and eyes, breathe in through the fingertips.

Bone Breathing

In the beginning stages of Bone Breathing, the mind and the eyes are used to draw and absorb the external energy.

Fig. 27 Stage One: Respiration through the Fingers

(2) Direct the energy to the head, then bring it down to the middle back. With practice, you will direct it all the way down the legs to the feet.

In the beginning stages of Bone Breathing, the mind and the eyes are used to draw and absorb the external energy.

Fig. 27 Stage One: Respiration through the Fingers


The following is a warning to all practitioners, especially those with high blood pressure, emotional instability, heart or chest pain, or any acute illness.

1. If you have high blood pressure, check with a doctor before attempting to practice Iron Shirt. Do not do the exercises and breathing techniques strenuously.

2. Women should not do Iron Shirt breathing during menstruation, but may practice the structure, standing meditations, and Bone Breathing. If pregnant, do not practice Iron Shirt Packing Breathing; use only Energizer Breathing and standing meditation.

3. Be sure that the diaphragm is lowered while practicing these exercises to avoid accumulating energy in the heart and to facilitate the flow of the Microcosmic Orbit. Do not pack the chest as this can cause energy to congest there, which can affect the heart. Again, you should always relax the chest.

4. Always breathe into the lower abdomen and perineum to avoid trapping negative energies in other parts of the body. especially in the brain, the heart, or the liver.

5. After practicing the postures, be sure to place the tongue on the roof of the mouth to connect the Microcosmic channels so that all energy from the head can be drawn down through the Functional Channel to the navel for storage. Do not leave energy in the head or upper body.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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