Opening the Door of Life

1. Begin in the same stance as the Waist Loosening. Twist to the left as in the Waist loosening exercise, initiating the movement from the hips. Let the right arm swing across the front of the torso, raising it up to head height with the palm facing away from you. At the same time, let the left arm swing around the back and place the back of the left hand over the Door of Life point (the point on the spine opposite the navel).

2. When you reach your full extension, relax, and then extend again by loosening the lower back. Feel the gentle stretch and increased extension coming all the way from the Door of Life area, not from the shoulders. Extend in this way two or three times.

3. Twist to the right and repeat the steps as above on the right side. Repeat nine times to each side.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 21 Door of Life
Energy Exercises

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    What is "door of LIfe"in Qigong?
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