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Power Testing

One of the distinctive practices of Da Cheng Chuan is known as Shih Li, traditionally translated as "power testing." These slow, careful movements take place on one spot. They involve the movement of the whole body and are an indispensable part of the martial arts training. They can also be practiced to develop skillful synchronization of mind and body.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Turn your left foot 45 degrees outwards. Move your right foot forwards, pointing straight ahead. Lower yourself as far as possible over your rear leg. Slowly shift forwards until all your weight is over your front foot, with your front calf perpendicular to the ground. Take care that your knee never extends forwards beyond your toes.

Breathe out when you move forwards. Breathe in when you move backwards.

As your body moves forwards, your forearms are extended in front of you, your palms facing down, your fingers pointing forwards. You imagine you are pushing a heavy weight forwards with your fingertips. When your body moves backwards, your hands turn so that your palms face each other. You imagine you are pulling a heavy weight towards you. The angles of your elbows remain constant.

Energygates Feet

Once your weight is fully forwards, you start to shift slowly backwards. As you move, your body remains level. The even movement forwards and backwards is carefully controlled through your knees, with all weight concentrated in your lower body. Your upper body and arms remain relaxed throughout.

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