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The accomplishment of Da Cheng Chuan results from sustained practice. Day by day your body starts to change. You are training muscles never used before and relaxing those unnecessary for the challenge ahead. Learning the correct postures is the foundation of the powerful movements you will be practicing.

The upward motion slowly shifts your posture gradually backwards until you can lower yourself down over your back leg. Your hands change into the position for Holding the Tiger.

You complete the posture with your front heel slightly raised and your hands controlling the body of the tiger in front of you.

Breathe naturally through your nose as you move.


Dragon and Tiger reverse seq

Once you have practiced moving from The Dragon into Holding the Tiger, you can then reverse the sequence, as shown below. Eventually, you can practice moving carefully between the two positions in a continuous, wave-like flow.

This entire sequence must be done slowly, with careful attention to the correct progression from posture to posture.

Remain in Holding the Tiger for a few moments to stabilize yourself. Then, using your back leg like a hydraulic pump, gradually start to come up. The movement of your rear leg gradually starts to shift your weight forwards. When your weight is distributed evenly over your feet, begin to move into The Dragon posture. Your weight transfers as fully as possible on to your front foot.

Your rear leg extends until it is fully straightened. Your torso leans in the direction of your front foot, so that there is a straight line from your rear foot up to your shoulder. As you change your posture, your arms and hand uncoil to the fully extended Dragon posture.

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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