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Make your strength equal all over your body Yi>itr muscles must be agile, '¡'hey must be able to contract, stretch, relax and biroiHi' firm in harmony trith carft other. Your strength must cymt jrom inside you and the» radiate out. it hen moving, slowness excels tii^r speed, Be relaxed rather than impatient. Your movement should be slight, but your

One sequence can take up to half a minute from start to finish. Concentrate your attention on each detail, including the gradual shifting of your weight, through to the even spaces between each of your fingers.

After learning the two transitions, make the movements continuous. Practice as if you are watching yourself in slow motion.

The advanced stages of this practice involve widening your stance so that you are much lower than shown on these pages. You rise up slightly as you change position and finish each posture fully extended and low to the ground. At this level your breathing is slower and deeper, synchronized with the motion.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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