Earth Power

In the system of the Five Energies, Earth is considered the pivot, the central fulcrum around which the others move in a constant interchange. Like planet earth itself, this energy has tremendous depth and stability. It has all the qualities of a sphere, perfectly round, perfectly balanced. It is like a mountain in its power -able to absorb other forces and sustain all forms of life.

In the words of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai: -Earth exerts strength that is heavy, deep, solid and perfectly round. The Chi is being strong, having the power of heaven and earth in harmony with each other."

When you first learn this movement, you feel your arms are expanding to the sides, making a sharp diagonal line across the front of your body. This feeling of straightness comes from your inner tension. As you develop the true relaxed power of the movement, you perceive the curving quality of the motion.

The circular, sweeping power of this motion is like a heavy scythe swinging with full force through a field of wheat. Like a storm, it slices across the grain in wide, deadly arcs. As you learn to express this power more fully, your arms become like the coiling tails of huge reptiles. Like a crocodile sweeping and swaying from side to side, your power uproots and crushes whatever is hit.

Earth Power is greater than the earth itself. It is the power that cracks the earth apart.

That power is within you. It is expansive, gives you great stability, is the source of acceptance and flexibility under even the most difficult of circumstances. It gives you balance and depth. But when the time comes for you to express your deepest feelings, to open your heart or to break through old habits of mind, you will find within you the power of an earthquake.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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