Fire Power

Fire is the energy we most commonly associate with explosive power. Its intensity is matched by its speed. Its power radiates outwards with the brilliance and velocity of light.

In the words of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai: "Fire means having the strength of gunpowder, fists like bullets. the strength to bury your opponent at the first touch."

This movement begins in the depths of your being and travels upwards. It begins in the Sea of Chi, your lower Tan Tien. The motion starts with the movement of your hips and the power is finally expressed through the upper thrust of your hands.

You need to be completely free from any obstructing tension that could block the release of energy. At first, your power will be blocked by tension at many points - as surely as hardened fire doors retard the spread of flames. This is why it is essential for all who aspire to master this art to train constantly in inner relaxation and the release of tension.

When you make progress, the twist of your body and the upward burst of your hands becomes like an explosion. Like a volcano erupting through the earth. unrestrained power surges through your fists. They become like leather whips snapping with full strength.

The Fire Power of the human being is indispensable. Without it we become lifeless. Training to release this energy affects us on many levels. It burns off physical, mental and emotional obstructions, from muscle tension to sluggishness and depression. It develops our personal warmth, humor and creativity. It is the essence of intuitive power, vision and imagination.

Tai Chi Power Training

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