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Begin your training in Wu Chi. Sink your weight fully into your feet and feel the light upward suspension at the top of your head. Then slowly raise your arms into the position, Holding the Ball ( page 13). The complete relaxation of your shoulders and upper body is essential.

Make two loose fists, as if you were holding tiny eggs carefully in each hand. Do not clench your fingers. In each hand, connect the pad of your thumb to the first knuckle of your forefinger to make an arrowhead.

Start to the left. The motion begins in your hips. Turn them towards the left diagonal, keeping your feet firmly rooted to the ground. As your body turns to the left diagonal, raise your right arm in the direction of the turn and extend it upwards. The arm movement carries your fist up to head height, well away from your body. As you can see in the illustration, the arm remains relaxed with a slight curve.

Your left arm also rises up naturally, reaching head height as well, but not extended outwards. Your shoulders remain relaxed.

Once you become familiar with this upward explosive motion, change the position of your feet: turn one foot 45 degrees outwards and step forwards with the other. Train with your feet and arms in the reverse order so that you can make the swing comfortably to both diagonals.

Begin gradually to fully understand the loose, upward bounce of your arms. The action should be light and unrestrained. Start slowly. Build up to 30 times. When you can do the movement repeatedly without being held back by tension, practice as much as you wish.



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