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The full power of your energy moves like the forces of nature: " wind. thunder, rain and lightning." As your Chi circulates inside you and radiates outwards. It hammers through any obstacles. You feel like a mountain shuddering. To an opponent, your force is like a roar.

The power of Chi generates heat throughout your being: just as in the ancient Chinese ideogram. the fire boils the water. Deep within the ocean of your being. your Chi begins to stir and you feel its vibrations in your bloodstream.

The spear and shield, as in much Chinese poetry. have multiple meanings. Together, they refer to the martial application of this art. They describe the Zhan Zhuang position - one hand curved in front as a shield, the other pointed forwards as a spear -shown on page 50 . They are the symbols of attack and defense, the twin polarities of the martial arts.

"Harmonized in one circle" expresses the complete view of Da Cheng Chuan, which is also described by the Chinese term " wunyuanzhuang" - the perfect circle. Your being, like a great sphere, is totally pervaded with energy, the ultimate accomplishment of this art. At its pinnacle. Da Cheng Chuan fuses all the elements - physical. mental and spiritual, as well as its health and martial applications - into a perfect whole.

Your introduction to this system is completed in Part Five as you learn a series of foot movements that can be combined with the postures and arm movements for in-depth training.

The Rooster Flick through the following pages with your thumb (ending at page 153) to see Master Lam practice the Rooster ( pages 144-145). 1

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