Power Circles

The strength you develop in your training begins to express itself throughout your entire body. Not only do you experience an unshakable connection to the earth, but if you bump into something or someone hits you, the impact just seems to bounce naturally off you.

In this model, the outer sphere represents your muscle. Its structure is like a powerful rubber ball: it can support heavy weights, but also compress to accept pressure. The triangle is bone. Its structure is like that of a bamboo: it provides strong structural support and keeps the outer circle of muscle firmly balanced. Inside the bone is your Chi, represented by the inner glowing sphere.

This is the deep energy developed by your Zhan Zhuang practice: it moves within the marrow of your bones.

The energy within the bone marrow, like all energy, radiates naturally outwards in all directions. This is happening all the . time, but bursts of radiating energy can be triggered by the power of the Tan Tien in your lower abdomen.

When your Chi expands outwards from the bone marrow, it presses on the entire structure of the bone. That power extends out into the muscle, which spontaneously expands like an air cushion.

Drawing Geometric Patterns

The diagrams on the facing page show the workings of energy in a single sliver of the body. You can imagine the effect of your Chi power multiplied millions of times throughout your entire body. As each circle of energy expands outwards, it immediately comes into contact with the other radiating spheres around it. The effect is like the vast chain reaction in nuclear fission.

This is exactly the process that happens inside your body as a result of advanced Da Cheng Chuan training. Your Tan Tien acts as the center of a vast web of circles and triangles. Directed by your mental power, your Chi can be trained to expand rapidly outwards, setting off a similar reaction throughout the millions of power centers in your system. At this stage, your power can be released from any single point on your body. At the higher stages, your entire aura itself can become a field of power.

Breaking Through

Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai is famous for telling his disciples: "A large movement is not as good as a small movement. A small movement is not as good as no movement at all." Since he was training them in combat, it was hard to comprehend this at first. Then they came to realize through their practice that no matter how fast you move your muscles and perform an external movement, it is not as fast as an internal movement of energy. Once you have trained the whole body to move and react as a single unit, even the smallest adjustment of your position becomes a powerful expression of the energy of the whole body.

You can understand this principle by seeing how the structural and energetic geometry of the body, combined with the inner workings of your Chi, enables your entire energy field to react to an external stimulus. In this simplified model, the incoming impact from an opponent is immediately absorbed through the relaxed musculature of the body and instantly transmitted down into the earth. There is a corresponding, natural reaction which transmits amplified energy back towards the opponent. You appear motionless, but your opponent bounces off helplessly as the energy response does its work.

You can think of this energy response as the action of a catapult that is fully drawn and about to release a stone. It is also similar to a bow about to release an arrow. Your energy is in a perpetual state of readiness, capable of being released at any moment. This is the practical meaning of the words of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai, when he told his students: "Preserve your strength like a bow that has been fully drawn."

Master Guo Yi Zhi practices the Da Cheng Chuan energy exchange through single hand contact with Lam Tin Hun who has studied the art under his father, Master Lam Kam Chuen.

Initially, your experience of this spontaneous energy response may be more like that of a hard rubber ball. If you throw it against a wall, it changes shape slightly to take the impact. But the natural reaction of the rubber snaps it back into shape and it rebounds with greater force.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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