The Circle Of Harmony

Calligraphy by Master Lam Kam Chuen, described in the introduction to Part Five.

The begtttnitg of all things is invisible: IT intl, iliinuk'r, miut ti{[Inning

This is the great aiiUmplishnieiit.

The original calligraphy of these lines is reproduced on the opening page of Part Five (page 132). I composed these lines to express my own understanding of the profound wisdom of Da Cheng Chuan.

The wellsprings of this art lie in the Taoist tradition. "Knowing the ancient beginning is the essence of the Way," wrote the great sage Lao Tse. Our ancestors drew a perfect circle to symbolize the beginning of everything - an unfertilized egg, unseen yet filled with the potential of life. At the instant of conception there is a single pulse of energy, like the movement of a microscopic sperm. In exactly the same way, motion is born of stillness through The Great Accomplishment.

In the fully energized state, "every hair is fully alert." The state of relaxed arousal is what is meant by the Chinese term "sung." This is not the drowsy torpor before sleep. It is the release of tension that saps our strength - so that we become alert, clearheaded and full of vigor. Your head is uplifted and your eyes open, while letting go of the physical tension in your muscles and organs.

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