The Great Accomplishment Lineage

One of the earliest students of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai was a young man who had studied orthodox Western medicine and then specialized in dentistry. His name was Yu Yong Nian.

Yu Yong Nian was born near Beijing in February 1920. After completing his initial schooling he was sent for specialist medical education in Japan. At 21, he returned to China and began work at the Beijing Railway General Hospital.

Three years later, exhausted from the long, constant hours of dental practice, he began training under Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai. After nine years' study and practice, Yu Yong Nian began to introduce aspects of Zhan Zhuang as treatment for internal diseases at his hospital. His initial successes led to a major medical conference in 1956 at the Beijing Shoudong San Hospital to introduce the Zhan Zhuang system to hospitals throughout China.

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