The Great Accomplishment Lineage V

rofessor Yu Yong Nian maintained the spread of this art through his teaching and best-selling books. In the late 1960s, a newspaper article that appeared about him in China made its way into the hands of a young martial artist in Hong Kong, Lam Kam Chuen.

He had already been introduced to Da Cheng Chuan through a Buddhist master, but now he had found a way to contact a teacher who had studied directly under Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai. For years it was only possible for him to correspond with Professor Yu until, towards the end of China's Cultural Revolution, he was finally able to travel to Beijing and be accepted as a student.

After a decade of advanced study, Master Lam was accorded the honor of being acknowledged as a lineage-holder of the Da Cheng Chuan tradition by Madame Wang Yuk Fong (page 74), the daughter and spiritual heir of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai.

Master Lam Kam Chuen has continued to work closely with Professor Yu. It is a professional collaboration that spans the Western medical system - in which Professor Yu trained as dental surgeon -and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which Master Lam practices. Their extensive yet distinct medical experience is unified by their common practice of Chi Kung.

After coming to the West, Master Lam gave the first European demonstration of Da Cheng Chuan before a capacity audience in London in 1987. He then received permission from Professor Yu

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