The Great Accomplishment Lineage V

Zhan Zhuang

to commence training students in the art. This was followed by his groundbreaking work The Way of Energy, which introduces Zhan Zhuang to the West and to which Professor Yu wrote a foreword. The book has now been translated into more than a dozen languages, selling tens of thousands of copies worldwide.

in 1994, he was invited by UK television network Channel 4 to present a ten-part series Stand Still Be Fit, filmed on location in China and Hong Kong. Public response was unprecedented, with thousands ordering copies of the instruction booklet that accompanied the series.

Master Lam continues to teach and travel widely in Europe and North America. He regularly arranges visits, teaching programs and seminars that enable Western students to train under Chinese masters and exchange experience with practitioners in China.

The Western students who first trained to become instructors are holders of the limited-edition statue of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai, held by Professor Yu and Madame Wang in the photo above.

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