The Pump

Your training teaches you how to move and control the flow of Chi through the energetic geometry of your body. The first stage is to ensure the correct alignment of your body and to clear any obstacles you may have to the free flow of energy through your system. This is what you accomplish by the practice of Zhan Zhuang. When you have become stable in that practice, which also results in an overall increase in your energy levels, the focus of your training moves to your feet. Imagine the sole of your foot is divided into six sections. Focus your attention on the section shown here with a red ball.

When you stand in the Zhan Zhuang postures, experiment with the difference between standing on the full triangle of your foot and the much smaller red triangle. When you stand with your weight evenly spread across your full foot, you emphasize the health aspect of your training. The work you do with pressure on the red triangle unlocks the secrets of the explosive power of Da Cheng Chuan.

You can see the same architecture in your foot when looking at it from the side. One triangle is formed by the ankle, big toe and heel. A second triangle is formed by the ankle, ball of the foot and heel. A third triangle is formed by the ankle, big toe and ball of the foot. For the martial aspect of Da Cheng Chuan, you need to understand and use the power of this third triangle.

The soles of your feet have a remarkable structure that enables hem to bear weight, yet remain sensitive and spring-like. The arch of your foot acts like a fulcrum. When pressure is applied downwards onto the ball of the foot, a corresponding upward spring of the heel carries on through the ankle and upwards through the structure of your body. This same principle is used 11 o and pump your Chi for use in the advanced stages of Da Cheng Chuan.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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