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Shoulder Strike

This exercise continues to train you to move your body as a unit. It can be used in the martial arts and also as a protection in the case of accidents or falls.

Stand in Wu Chi with a wall on your right side. You should be at right angles to the wall, with your right foot no more than 8 to 10 cm (3 or 4 in) from the wall.

Raise your left hand so that it is in front of your right shoulder, with the palm facing the wall. As in the Wall of Fire exercise (pages 52-53), spread your fingers and gently curve them as if they were around a bowl.

Shift your weight to your right side so that your shoulder rests against the wall. The tips of the fingers and thumb of your left hand lightly touch the wall. Transfer more weight to your right side so that your body is supported along a line from your left foot to your right shoulder. Relax the rest of your body, keeping the straight line between your foot and shoulder. Try lifting your right foot slightly off the ground while holding the position.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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