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"John Du Cane's interpretation of The Five Animal Frolics makes the most ancient qigong form readily accessible to the contemporary practitioner. John offers solid, highly competent instruction direct from his martial arts studio.

My students who have purchased John's videos and/or form workbook upon my recommendation comment that the videos hold their interest upon repeated viewing; I agree. John is a classy, intelligent British man whose style is at once intense and engaging, unpretentious and compelling. John's version of The Five Animal Frolics is complete and satisfying, with excellent sequencing. John's detailed instructions make even the most complex movement doable. Multiple repetitions mean that one need not endlessly rewind the tape to learn The Frolics. For learning the Animal Frolics walk, it is most useful that John presents the movements facing the camera, followed by turning his back to the viewer; one feels that one is in John's studio following right behind him.

The presentation of the video series is attractive and well organized, according the energetic state one wishes to enter: serenity, vitality, power. This choice of packaging in and of itself conveys the practitioner's ability to change his or her inner landscape by moving through The Frolics. In addition, the health and fitness benefits of The Frolics are numerous. I wish every man reluctant to try qigong would watch these tapes to see the combination of strength and ease in his body that John exemplifies. The muscularity of his legs is a true testimonial to the strengthening aspect of practicing The Five Animal Frolics.

The Five Animal Frolics form workbook is a marvelous accompaniment to the videotapes. The photos and instruction are exceptionally well presented and easy to follow. As a teacher, I appreciate the supplemental material presented in the workbook, which helps me and my students refine our Animal Frolics practice. When I travel I take along the workbook for easy reference.

John's Animal Frolics videos and form workbook combine to present what I consider the most fruitful investment in instructional materials I've ever made."

—Nancy K. Herzberg, Qigong/yoga/stretching instructor, Florence, OR

"The videos and book on the Five Animals Frolics are models of instruction: John Du Cane talks you through and demonstrates the exercises in such a way that you think he is in front of you and that you are in a class of one. You can do the exercises along with him on a regular basis. The book that accompanies the videos has sharp, clear photos of each exercise, and the text reinforces the photos with to-the-point instruction. For ease of use, the book will lie completely flat. The book is very useful for overview, review, reminders, and class organization. Together, the videos and the book put the valuable Five Animals Frolics in the working knowledge of every martial artist, especially those who don't have the opportunity to learn them from such a well-qualified instructor as John Du Cane. In short, these videos and book are MUST-HAVES. Get them!"

—Steve Condry, Tai Chi player (Cheng Man-Ching style), Knoxville, TN

"My experience with The Five Animal Frolics helps me to embrace the deep serenity within, the ability to raise or move the energy—especially with the spleen, liver, kidney, lung and thyroid areas. After doing all five animal frolics, I am left with a balance of inner currents flowing from head to toe, circulating simultaneously. I am left with an inner hum. Many thanks to John Du Cane for presenting these materials into an easily assimilated form."

—Sharon Sweet, Oregon

"The Animal Frolics involve a great number of good stretches along with different energies.

Crane was calming. Monkey was energizing. Tiger gave great warmth to upper back and shoulder. The breathing is very beneficial to me.

I am 74 with arthritis. Most of the movements hurt some while I did them, but no pain later—just energy and more flexibility.

I am improving my range of energy. One night, I couldn't sleep, because my nose stopped up so I wasn't breathing. I did a deer walk for about ten minutes. My head cleared and I went back to sleep.

I intend to continue with these as they are beneficial to making me more flexible and pain-free."

—Patricia Romanov, Oregon

"The Animal Frolics gave me lots of kinetic energy and made me feel ready to meet the world with renewed strength."

"I find that The Animal Frolics are a particularly effective way to wake up to/be in my body. I love feeling connected with the natural world. Because each animal gives access to a clearly differentiated energy pattern, I can rely on the movements to bring me back into balance however that needs to happen --whether with bear, tiger, crane, deer and/or monkey. And they are fun!"

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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