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Self Defense For Women

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Wing Chun Training Videos

Now you can train in Wing Chun Online from the comfort of your own home with these Downloadable Wing Chun Video clips from Sifu Chuck O'Neill. Videos Available for Download: Sil Lim Tao Form The foundation for the Wing Chun system, this video clip teaches you step-by-step how to master this form. Sil Lim Tao Drills Learn the partner drills used as part of the Sil Lim Tao training program. You will learn over 12 different drills including: Pak Sau Cycle, Lap Sau/Bong Sau Cycle, Crossing Hands/Trapping Hands Reaction Pad Drills and much more! Chi Sau 1- Foundations. In this Wing Chun training video you'll be introduced to the foundations of Chi Sau (or Sticky Hands) the partner drill of sensitivity. In this video you will learn: Don Chi Sau, Lok Sau (Rolling Hands), Tsui Ma (Pushing Horse) Jip Sau/Jao Sau and a lot more!

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Wing Chun Instructors Course

The beginning of October the Tse Qigong Centre held its annual Wing Chun Instructor Course. As with any Tse Qigong Centre Instructors course, students who attend must meet certain standards in their own training and also be nominated by their teacher. This year saw a few more new candidates as well as many familiar faces. Even though people came from various different parts of the country, all knew each other very well already. One person commented on The emphasis of the course was to take a student of Wing Chun and turn them into an instructor. One of the most important areas covered was to encourage candidates to stop thinking like students and start thinking like instructors. Much of this of course comes with experience, but with a slight mental adjustment people started looking at their skill and how they communicated it in a very different way. There were more than a few light bulb moments.

Leaning to Wing Chun

I have a great admiration for Chinese culture, so have looked to starting a Chinese Martial Art. I have a special fondness for Canton and have a burning desire to learn Cantonese, as it is such a beautiful language. Wing Chun is a style I have been leaning towards for a while now, but I did not know it originated from Canton. Last week I saw the book you co-wrote with Grandmaster Ip Chun, entitled 'Wing Chun - Traditional Chinese Kung Fu for Self-Defence and Health', for sale in a shop. I recognised your name from the 'Combat' magazine, as I read your articles, 'Talking Qi and Qigong', every issue with great intent, so I bought the book. At the back of the book was your email address, to contact you for information on training, so I decided to take the opportunity. Everything I have learnt about Wing Chun so far urges me on to learn more. I am eager to find out if you know of any reliable Wing Chun teachers in South Wales, or if you could please recommend me to contact someone who...

Wing Chun is Easy

And if you don't understand Wing Chun then you won't even see them To master the principal of Wing Chun you must practise Chi Sau. It's like walking First you have to learn how to crawl, then you take your fist shaky steps, with practise you understand walking. Now you can walk, run, jump, hop, skip, etc. You can handle any surface Rough, smooth, slippery, etc. All from just understanding how to put one foot in front of the It's true that Wing Chun has a comparatively small training syllabus, but what it also has is a very good principal behind it The techniques of Wing Chun are direct and explosive but to those that understand they are also beautiful and elegant, and when performed by one who understands they are even more effective. As for Grand Master other, it' s easy Wing Chun is the same, the easy part is getting up on to your feet, it's the practise that counts. Yip Chun having no technique, no he has perfect technique. He more than anyone understands the principal of Wing Chun...

Wing Chun Story

Gates Fengsui

Any young people still came to see him to ask to become his student and to study Wing Chun Kung Fu. In the beginning he thought that the skill he had learnt was so good that he must pass it down. With all the people who came to see him he set them a little test. He would show them a few movements and then ask them to show him. However, they were either too stiff, too tough or too weak. Some just wanted to use his name. Some rich merchants and even government officials came to see him and asked him to teach their children or invited him to become their bodyguard. Lan Kwai refused them all. All Lan Kwai wanted was to train and develop the Wing Chun skill to even higher levels. However, to train Wing Chun you need a partner and that was a problem. He did not want to pass the skill on to the wrong people and that worried him. How could he find a good student Even after a few years, no suitable people had come to him. Lan Kawi was not only looking for people who were talented but for those...

In Wing Chun KungFu

Having read many books on Wing Chun over my 35 years in the martial arts business, it is with great pleasure that I now write the foreword for Scott Baker's book. This book is an attempt to bring Wing Chun out of the purely physical domain and in to the internal area including such things as Chi Kung (Qigong) and Dim-Mak. There have been other books that include Dim-Mak, however, these have been sketchy to say the least. Scott attempts to delve deeper into the area of point striking, covering acupuncture points and their effects etc. This book will be a great inclusion in any Wing Chun player's library.

25 Fighting Principles Scott Baker

Scott Baker Wing Chun

This book is about kung fu, specifically the Wing Chun system of kung fu. Even more specifically, it is about the often mystical or secretive internal Chi-kung skills of Wing Chun kung fu. It is written specifically to those who currently practice Wing Chun, or have an invested interest in Wing Chun kung fu specifically. Kung fu is a term that has become synonymous with Martial Arts in both the West and the East. Even in mainland China today the martial arts are referred to frequently as gung fu (Mandarin pronunciation). Originally the term kung fu was used to refer to any skill or ability that had been developed through persistent effort over time. This understanding is helpful to those who have chosen to embark on the life journey of learning a martial art. Not all systems of combat are as difficult to learn as others, but then not all are as effective as others are either. Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most notable, effective martial systems available. When Wing Chun is practiced...

Analysis Of Dayan Qigong

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, the general public were invited to a day of demonstrations and workshops of Chinese skills, including Qigong, Taiji Quan, Lau Gar, Wing Chun and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The very charismatic Darryl Tam left everyone in awe of his abilities of Wing Chun, including overcoming his opponent whilst blindfolded and with only the rm a table top provided him. Wing Chun it was explained originated as a fighting an developed by a Buddhist Nun. of the audience Centre - Darryl Tarn's Wing Chun Bottom - The China Bridge School of Taoist Arts of the audience Centre - Darryl Tarn's Wing Chun Bottom - The China Bridge School of Taoist Arts

Reach the deeper emotional layers of your body The ultimate goal is to prepare the body for the higher spiritual

Microcosmic Breathing Techniques

The 5 Elders were also Experts in various styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, being responsible for many of todayOs most popular styles of Kung fu. Some being, Wing Chun Kung fu, Hung Gar Kung fu, White Eyebrow Kung fu, just to name a few. In the Shoalin Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung fu system, we incorporate elementary Iron shirt postures to prepare oneOs body for the more demanding work, later on. As a balance to our hard training (Yang), we also incorporate Yin Qi gong and breathing exercises to keep the body happy and free from tension and stress.

Reinventing the Wheel

Watsonville 1970

Then came one of time's most useful inventions that probably made life a little bit simpler this was the creation of the wheel, this revolutionary new idea meant that items, be they large or small, could easily be transported from A to B. No longer did you have to struggle and carry everything around or move large heavy objects by using vast amounts of human power and numerous amounts of rollers. You could now make some wheels and a cart and transport items about more easily. Once harnessed to a power source whether it was a horse, steam, or internal combustion engine, it gave people a greater freedom to go anywhere. Of course in Wing Chun we do not use wheels to get us around, we use our legs. Our legs are what we use to get us where we want to go and where we want to be and are just like the wheels that transport our important goods. Early wheels would have been crude in design, they would be made out of solid circular shapes making them heavy and cumbersome but they had to begin...

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How To Root In Tai

Energy Gates Qigong Images

The static standing posture of the Sil Num Tao form is one of the primary exercises used to enhance the endurance and strength of a student's legs and begin the development of the energy root. Students may begin this exercise by standing for only 10 minutes at first then slowly building up the time to an hour over the course of about six months. The purpose of this standing posture is to build considerable endurance and strength in the leg muscles, and work the chi energy into the legs as the student learns to relax into the position of the Yee Chi Kim Yeung Ma (character-two-adduction stance), sinking his chi through his legs and into the ground. This stance further teaches the student good posture, body alignment and deepens the stance root, as it continues to be practiced it will also strengthen and tone important muscle groups. Together these qualities offer a solid base from which the techniques of Wing Chun can be unleashed with great power.

The words of Grandmaster Yip Chun

Yip Chun Wing Chun

Those of you who know Wing Chun will know of it effectiveness, even for those who do not posses the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the acrobatic ability of Jackie Chan. Such is the ingenuity of the Wing Chun principles, means that it is suitable for everyone, even the smallest can be deadlyl Perhaps the best example of this today is Grandmaster Yip Chun. Barely more than five feet tall his size belies his skill. Playing Chi Sau (Sticking Hands) with him is an astounding experience Recently he visited this country to give a number of seminars. The seminar he gave for us was excellent, his knowledge and very friendly nature meant everyone learnt a great deal and came away very happy. At this seminar he invited us all to ask any questions we cared to ask. What follows is a account of what was said will get. Practising with a partner is especially important in Wing Chun. Even for me, if I don't practice Chi Sau I won't improve my skill. When you practice Chi Sau you must understand...

Summary of Focus Points

Policia Nacional Mediacion

Tan sau, focus on a ball of energy in the palm, pooling chi in the elbow, yang raising waves, chi flow from elbow to palm, chi flow from root to the elbow. Wu sau, strong focus on raising yang chi, chi flow from hand through the bones into the elbow, from the elbow up to the spine. Fook sau, Focus on the yang raising waves up through the bones into the Dan Tien, divide it to go up the spine through the tail bone, and simultaneously up the front of the body to the solar plexus, out along the center line into the fook sau hand, through the bones to the elbow, up into the spine where it joins with the spine chi and washes over the brain. After about an hour or so he arrived and the group eagerly took me over to him and introduced us. His name was Lu Jian Guo and he was a large man, somewhat larger than I am, and I'm not exactly petite. He was in his late 40's and looked very strong, he had the eyes of an experienced fighter. I was eager to feel his skills. When they told him I practiced...

Jessica Blackwell Qigong

Wing Chun Four Gates

My uncle was very strict and made me practise Siu Lim Tao (Wing Chun's first form) for at least half an hour. With only a little movement, this taught me to be patient, and quickly I found that once I accepted the training it changed from a boring, painful chore to a calm relaxed feeling. Then I began In martial arts your defences are like the walls of a castle. How does Wing Chun protect its walls A look at how Wing Chun can be used to defend against multiple attackers. 56 The Story of Wing Chun - Part 2

Four keys Relax Root Breathe and Focus

Relax Breath Smooth

To practice the Chi-kung within Sil Num Tao you will start the form as usual. It is essential to remain relaxed and calm the mind throughout the exercise. Wing Chun is a soft Chi-kung system not a hard Chi-kung system. Relaxation is essential to allow the energy to flow naturally through the body. As you set up the stance, relax and allow your attention to sink into the earth. At the same time lift very slightly from the top of the head. The feeling should be one of having your head suspended from a string, while your lower body is buried in the earth. As soon as you open your left hand to start the first tan sau motion on its way forward you begin to focus and build energy deeply. Everything now is done extremely slowly. The saying is that you will move at center of the palm and build the void Then start the ball out small in size, and dim in brightness, drawn from you by this relaxed vacuum. As the hand opens fully you will intend it to grow larger and brighter. This intention will...

Battle of Wits and Words

1982 Chinese Animal

A measure of how good one's skill is at Wing Chun is their skill in Chi Sau (Sticking Hands). How do you go about developing this skill, how do you move from one position to the next, smoothly, calmly and effortlessly Not surprisingly acquiring this skill is not at all easy. The practitioner needs to dedicate a lot of time and thought into the practice and the principles behind the skill. There is a lot that needs to be learnt and absorbed, but what is probably the hardest to achieve is to link all the pieces of the Wing Chun puzzle together. Many of the basic hand positions and techniques, with a little practise, are not too difficult. The difficulty is having the ability to connect all these individual pieces, bringing them to life so you can do the right thing at the right time. You have to know when to move and when not to move, when to use Tan Sau, when to use Bong Sau, etc. You should also know how to use each technique and apply the right amount of energy in a given situation....

Passing Away Evil Energy

During these hard times Leung Sheung and Lok Yiu looked after him as much as they could. Then more and more students began to study and so everything became a lot easier. Master Tsui Sheung Tin (Grandmaster Ip Man's third student) says, In my opinion, if it were not for the persistence of Leung Sheung and Lok Yiu to continue studying during those difficult early days, thus enabling the grandmaster to continue to teach Wing Chun at the Restaurant Workers Union, probably he (Grandmaster Ip Man) would never have had the opportunity to show it to the world, and history would be rewritten. We would like to offer our sympathies to all his family, friends and students, and thank him for his great contribution to Wing Chun and Chinese Kung Fu. nior Wing Chun Chi Sau is a very addictive and enjoyable way of training. Many Wing Chun students cannot get enough, so it was by popular demand that this course was arranged. Time went by very quickly and before we knew it the day was over....

25 Fighting Principles Video

Chamber Sidekick

Wing Chun students come in many shapes and sizes. They also come with a variety of attitudes and dispositions. The student's attitude is the most significant aspect of their personality that contributes to either their success or failure in learning the difficult internal skills. The student must be willing to become diligently engaged in the process of practicing to learn to control his chi. You cannot put a time limit on that practice. You cannot set time bound goals to gage your progress. Internal skills come to each person a little differently. A skillful teacher will create an opportunity for you to experience chi. He will guide you and assist you through the path, but you must walk the path yourself to unlock the secrets of the internal arts. A teacher of chi must teach differently than a teacher of techniques. Techniques are easier to demonstrate the student can see them and mimic them. But with energy you cannot see what is going on internally. You may see the result of chi,...

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Kate Britton Qigong

This year is the Centre's 15 th Anniversary. I believe as long as our hearts are right it will continue. The Centre does not just teach Qigong, there are martial arts, Wing Chun, Chen Taijiquan, Chun Yuen Quan, Hard Qigong as well as Feng Shui, Yijing, Chinese Culture, philosophy and Qigong healing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers, Yang Meijun, Ip Chun, Wu Chun Yuen, Chen Xiao Wang, Zhang Jia Liang and Fung Man Yiu. Also thank you to those good and loyal students, John Hayes, Darryl Moy, Jessica Tse, Julian Wilde, Glenn Gossling,ShahriarSepangi, Adam Wallace, Rick Charles, Sheila Waddington, Stefan Eekenulv, Barbro Olsson and Martin Lavelle who have been with me for over 15 years. There are also many good students who have been with us for over 10 and 5 years and those who have just began the journey with us. The Centre belongs to all those people who love and respect it and who are loyal and will take care of it. Wing Chun's three main hand techniques...

Is There A Hard Style Qi Gong

Wuji Taiji

In fact, the standing meditation that Taijiquan people love is really more connected with Buddhist styles than with Taoist styles, and it is even said there are some Taoist styles that have no stationary exercises at all. However with Shaolin styles, the first thing you learn is Ma Bo or horse riding stance, and you are expcctcd to train it diligently. Even in Wing Chun Kuen (a southern Shaolin style) the first form contains a standing position that you should be able to hold for at least half an hour.

Self Defence for Women

Allinurl Self Defence For Women

Of course, a bar of soap is not alive, no matter how much you might imagine it. When you practise Chi Sou in Wing Chun, it is often like trying to grasp the soap. You search around your partner's hands feeling for a gap, and then, when you find one, and try and pass through it, it is gone. So, you turn and try looking for another angle or change the hand technique, and there it is, you have them. You strike, but they escape again. How is this possible, as you had them right where you wanted

What are the benefits

The main reasons why people meditate today are to relax and recharge their energy, but there are actually more benefits than this to be gained. If you achieve a high level of meditation, the Chinese believe you can heal all your illnesses. One example is a friend of my teacher Yip Chun (who taught me the martial art of Wing Chun).


Following hot on the heels of Leamington Spa, Bee Loh, teacher in Chiswick, West London, arranged a very good evening. Her Wing Chun students who even did a demonstration for their Sigong. Ladies self defence was very popular, with students learning how to use Wing Chun skill to handle 2, or even 3 opponents. Another student asked about visualisation in order to heal a certain area, saying that some books recommend this. However, Tse Sifu said that the most important to balance everything - eating, living and exercise. In this way, everything will heal naturally instead of putting too much emphasis on one particular thing.

Strong or Relaxed

I've had a lot of debate on the Fook Sau positioning and energy in Wing Chun and would be very interested to know your thoughts. After the Wu Sau, when you drop into Fook Sau, do you press inwards towards the centreline with the elbow as well as pressing forwards or do you just drop the elbow, with hand relaxed and go forward, without pressing towards the centreline How do you relax the shoulders fully Thank you for your letter. In regard to Fook Sau, we do not use energy to press the wrist arm into the centreline. Your should drop into the correct position after Wu Sau and then use a forward energy, however, this is not with force. Anything which uses force in Wing Chun will damage the sensitivity. Siu Lim Tao is for building up sensitivity not for creating strength. Best wishes Michael Tse


I recognize that I would not have been able to attempt this work without the untiring support and assistance from many of my friends and students. I specifically appreciate the dedicated effort of Timothy Jeffcoat, who has contributed to this work in countless ways. It was Tim who first suggested I undertake this effort, and he has added much to its completion through his dedicated commitment. I would also like to recognize the support from Erle Montaigue, who has encouraged my efforts, allowed me to use some of his illustrations, and added the forward which introduces this work. His generosity and depth of knowledge of internal kung fu has been invaluable. In addition I would like to thank the many students and fellow martial artists I have been privileged to work with throughout the years. All have contributed to my understanding in countless ways. Finally I would like to recognize my first Wing Chun teachers, Si-Fu Peter Yu and Master Tam Hung Fun, whose dedicated teaching set me...

Need a Teacher

I would very much like to have information on training classes in Wing Chun. I really love reading the wonderful book that you and Ip Chun put together. I also enjoyed reading up on the history and the other beautiful stories of Wing Chun and the people who influenced it such as Ip Man, Bruce Lee as well. I have been practising Wing Chun but not as much as I should do because I haven't any partner or wooden dummy to practise with but most of all, no one to follow or learn from. I need, no doubt, someone like yourself who is dedicated to the art of Wing Chun to teach me. I find it seriously difficult as well to practise everyday with my other martial arts. I badly need someone to help me with this, too. I need someone to teach me everyday or help me everyday, as I find training very difficult to accomplish where I am at the moment. Maybe you could help me on this subject area if you don't mind me asking. I get scared of people watching me and laughing at me which has happened in the...

New Test Date

We hereby give notice that with effect from the 3rd of November 2001, Mr Samuel Kwok (WJgtfc) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain will have no further association with Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Chun. Any unauthorised use thereafter of the name of Grandmaster Ip Chun, commercial or otherwise, by Mr Samuel Kwok ( or his fellow students, will be treated as

Victimless Training

Traditionally, in Wing Chun there is no sparring as such, only Chi Sau - But always remember the big picture. Chi Sau makes up most of Wing Chun training but not all. I see some people training and hitting each other too hard. What they do not realise is that they are actually hitting as hard as they can and their opponent is just getting annoyed by it. I have seen my Sifu many times just stop short of hitting people, but they do not realise it. If he really hit them in the manner he was striking, I hate to imagine what would have happened. I remember on one occasion my Sigong stopped short of chopping me and, instead, the side of his hand gently flicked the side of my lower jaw where it joins the rest of my head. My jaw just slid over a millimetre or so but I was under no illusion what would have happened if he had allowed there to be power in his hand. Remember the big picture. Chi Sau is not Wing Chun. Chi Sau is a part of Wing Chun. There are other parts to Wing Chun that will...


Kung Hei Fat Choi

Wing Chun Kuen's clean approach comes from Leung Jan's efforts to condense the forms and emphasise sticking hands. Later Yip Man reorganised the forms and removed all the complicated jargon. Today Yip Chun, Yip Man's eldest son, continues the tradition by making extraordinary skill accessible to ordinary people. By Michael Tse issue 8 - A Qigong Therapist Wing Chun - Near & Far pt1 Sacred Arts of Tibet issue 8 - A Qigong Therapist Wing Chun - Near & Far pt1 Sacred Arts of Tibet

Chen Taiji Spear

Chen Taiji Foot Steps

Bruce Lee once gave an interview on Hong Kong TV In the interview he talked about his fighting skill and his movies. When the interviewer asked him about his spectacular high kicking Bruce said that was only for his movies and that in reality he would never kick higher than his waist as it was too dangerous and left you vulnerable to losing your balance. This is something he learnt from his teacher, Grandmaster Ip Man and is one of the primary principles of Wing Chun. Wing Chun is famous for its hand techniques, but it is also very well known for its kicking techniques. All of the Wing Chun kicking techniques apart from one can be found in the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form. This is where the kicks are trained in real earnest. Whilst kicks appear in the second form Tsum Kiu, it is not until the dummy form that any real power can be trained. The dummy is the only partner you can kick as hard as you like, however, you should be aware, although the dummy cannot move, it can kick you back ....

Pushing Hands

Chinese Food Remedy

In order to answer the earlier questions of Can we work on footwork and How do I borrow my opponent's energy Wing Chun's second form was demonstrated and discussed. Tsum Kiu is the second level of Wing Chun and it said that one needs to work up to Tsum Kiu. The first form, Siu Lum Tao, focuses mainly on single hand training with no movement in the stance or change in direction. Tsum Kiu on the other hand develops coordination as both hands do separate things at the same time. The form also starts to develop the kicking skill. Sigong stressed that the most important part is the turn, Juen Ma, followed by either Bong Sau or Wan Lan Sau. The use of Juen Ma and Bong Sau was likened to the antennae of a cricket, whereby it is used to feel the situation. Light contact is therefore essential. With the forearm relaxed it is possible to feel what will happen next, however if the Bong Sau is hard then the opponent's arm will bounce away and contact will be lost. first. In Wing Chun, since it's...

Simple Or Complex

Yip Chun Wing Chun

Wing Chun is one of the most popular styles of Kung Fu taught today. It is famous por its direct approach and no ponsense techniques. Ps a result oothis it is often portayed as Peing simple. But is Wing Chun really simple Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this question. To a complete beginner the answer would immediately be that it is very difficult. To an experienced martial artist maybe not. After all the complete system only has three hand forms, two weapons and a wooden dummy form. Compared to some types of martial art, which may have over seventy ha nd forms, Wing Chun must seem very simple and easy to learn. So let us examine Wing Chun itself. We know it is very effective, this is not in question as it has been written about hundreds if not thousands of times before. And lay virtue of its effectiveness it must be easy to apply in a heated situation. recognise as Wing Chun. Chi Sau will develop various things. Not only wiil it alow the techniques from the forms to be...

Ching Hexagrams

Ching Hexagrams Japanese Characters

Recent articles in the martial arts press (this magazine included), about the Wing Chun system and master Pang Nam have of late been causing quite a stir. These articles have suggested that master Pang Nam studied the 'original' Wing Chun system as it was before Yip Man and even Dr Leung Jan, from Dai Fa Min Kam. He states that he learnt his Wing Chun from Chiu Chow (a student of Chan Yui Min, son of Chan Wah Shun), Lai Hip Chi and later with Liu Yu Chai (all descendants of Chan Wah Shun). In fart he regards Yip Man as a 'Si Gong' (Grand Teacher), as his Sifu Chan Yui Min served under Yip Man in the Foshan Police force. For a more complete account of what he said please refer to the March issue of Inside Kung Fu. Everything in life and the universe is simple. Human beings make everything difficult and complicated. If you are confused and lost in life, you have lost your faith in yourself. If you ask too many questions and have too many ideas you will become confused and mixed up in...

Chun Taen

Ask Teacher You Have Problem

Thank you for your shipment of two copies of Qi Magazine. I would like to inform you that I am a Wing Chun and Taiji Quan practitioner, and I am running a gym in Zagreb. Shaolin Wing Chun issue 8 - A Qigong Therapist Wing Chun - Near & Far pt1 Sacred Arts Of Tibet Shaolin Wing Chun issue 8 - A Qigong Therapist Wing Chun - Near & Far pt1 Sacred Arts Of Tibet

Issue February March

Chikung Meditation Sitting

Wing Chun is Easy 22 In martial arts training we consider the internal and external. External training is movement practise, co-ordination etc., there are many styles to do this Wing Chun, Choy Lee Put, Hung Gar, Taiji, Xing I, Bagua, Karate, etc. Of course these include fighting techniques. Internal training

Liuzijue Qigong

Meridian Three Warm Acupuncture

Grandmaster Yip Man had two sons, Yip Chun and Yip Ching. We all know Master Yip Chun, his high level Wing Chun skill, his gentle attitude and healthy body. However do you know his brother. Yip Ching, is also a very honest and sincere gentleman who also possesses a very high level of Wing Chun skill Yip Ching was born in China and like many others he had some bad experiences during China's Cultural Revolu tion. During the Cultural Revolution he worked on a farm (everybody had to) and so he has experienced a lot of hard work in many difficult situations. His father. Yip Man, left China for Hong Kong where he began to teach his Wing Chun Kuen and left his two sons to finish their education and to work. However, Master Yip Ching never forgot his Wing Chun training, even though practice of any traditional Chinese skill was banned during the Cultural Revolution, including Wing Chun Kuen. To get round this he would stay up late at night to practise his forms right up until the day he left...

Damaged Wrist

I then began training Wing Chun with him until his death some years later. The Siu Lim Tao training in Wing Chun helped the Qi to flow more strongly in my body and so helped to heal my wrist. Now, I have no problem. However, I gave it time to recover and did not use force on it. Because you have had surgery and have a steel pin fixed there, it is more difficult for the Qi to flow in its natural path. So it needs to create a new way and this will take time.

Skating on the

Disfraces Morados

I always enjoy watching people in ice skating competitions as it brings you a nice feeling, but skating is not Qigong. So if we want to practise skating as if it were Qigong and also enjoy the ice skating attitude, then we can do this movement. This is why I created it. However, I also practise Wing Chun and in Wing Chun, the walking style is more grounded, and does not put the weight on the front leg as this would be very dangerous. In Qigong, it is alright, though. This movement brings the Qi up to the head so that the legs will be light. It also brings up a good and happy attitude. There are two different ways to practise. One is walking forward-backward. The other way is sideways left and right. When we look at these together, we can say that Skating on Ice covers both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions and therefore, all four directions.

Chan Chi Ho

Luen Wing Chun

Many other Chinese cultural skills, especially martial arts. At school one of his classmates knew Wing Chun Kuen. His father was a very well known Wing Chun master, and student of Yip Man's -Ho Luen. This started Chan Chi Ho on another Chinese skill, the martial arts. He progressed very well and even demonstrated at an open tournament in Singapore, where he won a prize. Grandmaster Yip Chun is seventy, and he is one of the exceptions. His attitude and movements are like a younger person's, he has a healthy shiny face, walks very quickly, is quick minded and has very quick reactions. Each year he travels from one side of the world to the other giving seminars and teaching. All this is because of his Wing Chun Kuen training. He is the eldest son of Yip Man, who everybody knows taught Bruce Lee. Yip Man was very well known. Everyone in Foshan knew he had inherited Wing Chun Kuen from the famous teacher, master Chan Wah Shun. Master Chan had used the Yip Family's backyard to teach, and so...

Move Forward

Where Put Gates Fengshui

Now that I am back, it is still very busy with lots of changes. This is the next to last issue of Qi Magazine but it does not mean I will stop the Qi Magazine completely. It will still come out once in a while but at this moment, I want to concentrate on writing more books, such the Wing Chun Tsum Kiu , Biu Tzi and Chi Sau books. Wing Chun Chi Sau Hard QigongLevel I& II Wing Chun Damo Staff Q. Why, in Wing Chun's forms, do we hold the closed fists at the side of the chest Q. Why do we hold the fist in Wing Chun vertically and not flat as in other martial arts Then there was only one evening left. This was devoted to Wing Chun. Here the group was more divided into different levels and different backgrounds. New experiences were perceived and everybody had a good time. In between times we had to eat, of course, which on one occasion was really an eye opener The entrance of the oldest Chinese restaurant in Tromso had a Feng Shui design. And, or course, our ignorant eyes had not noticed...

Peter Walfisz Barnet

Peter Walfisz

When yourSifu and seniors tell you to start teaching your own class - you had better start to teach your own class Actually, I felt very flattered and honoured when I was asked. I have been studying Qigong for seven years and Wing Chun for over six, and still feel that I have only started to scratch the surface of these incredible arts. After assisting the teaching of the central London class for the last couple of years it seems like a natural progression to start up my own class. Through Qigong and Wing Chun my life has improved immeasurably. I am definitely a better person because of it and cannot imagine my life without it. Through the Tse Qigong centre I continue to learn, as well as making excellent friends. My class is in north London (Barnet). Hopefully, this will give more people the opportunity to learn and train in these unique and beautiful arts. It is my sincere wish that people can get as much from Qigong and Wing Chun as I have. Peter is qualified to teach the Dayan...

Jruce Lees

Bruce Lee Bodybuilding

Even after twenty eight years of martial arts training, when I lookback at his movies and I am still impressed, I am impressed by his martial art, his philosophy, his whole life style and thinking. Whether you accept him or not, that was him. There is still none who can act like him or imitate what he did. Bruce Lee is Bruce Lee, the same as Jackie Chan is Jackie Chan. No one is better than the other. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun under my Sigong (Grandteacher) Ip Man (also spelled Yip Man). Ip Man is Wing Chun's most famous master, who had a very high level of Wing Chun skill. Although Wong Shun Leung (who was one of Ip Man's senior students) actually taught Bruce Lee a lot of skill, he was still under the guidance of Ip Man. Bruce knew that fists are powerful weapons, but not as powerful as the palms. Also, that the palms were not as powerful as the fingers. He knew that if someone was hit by the fingers it would damage them internally. This is something his teacher Ip Man told him...

Can move

Created, you must try to keep the structure relaxed. Then, if any pressure is applied against your position, you wi ll be abl e to cha ng e. When changing from one position to another, try not to lose the space that has already been created by the existing technique. For example, when changing from Bong Sau to Tan Sau, try not to drop the wrist, otherwise the whole forearm will drop, allowing youropponent to come flooding in over the top. Also, as your elbow drops in towards the centre-line, try to maintain your elbow space that is needed in order to create a Tan Sau. In order to practise moving a nd retai ning your structure and space, let your training partner put their Fuk Sau on top of your Bong Sau, then get them to drop their hand under your Bong Sau and gently strike forward, enabling you to remain relaxed. As they strike, keep your wrist where it is, and bring your elbow in towards the centre-line. Then, get them to change their hand back to the outside and strike forward...

Martin Gale Leeds

Six years ago I left my home in the Isle of Man and came to live in Manchester so that I could study Qigong and Wing Chun with the Tse Qigong Centre At that time I could have never imagined that one day I would be able to teach these ancient skills that belonged to generations of masters spiralling back to the beginning of creation. In fact when I first started teaching it was not even on the agenda, for at that time I was just out to help myself. I wanted to learn Wing Chun so that I would be able to defend myself and I wanted to learn Qigong to improve my health. However, everything changes and the pool is very deep but I did not know that then. As I progressed with my learning and with careful guidance and understanding from my Sifu, Michael Tse, I started to develop and flourish both on a health and physical level and also on a mental and spiritual level. I have became a stronger person because of it. My Wing Chun is something I have with me wherever I am and can use its...

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