Principles Of Breathing

1. All breathing is performed through the nose.

2. The tongue touches the roof of the mouth.

3. The entire body is relaxed.

4. All breathing is natural. Do not raise up the shoulders. Do not over-expand the chest.

5. Breathe with the diaphragm.

Arms Hanging Sides

Stand straight with the knees slightly bent and the arms hanging naturally at the sides. The feet are shoulder width apart. The body is completely laxed. re-


sides. The paJms are ™ twardA 2 a nTo ^ ^ the body, lower the bodv hv h V ! me t0 rest at the of down. °dy bV bending at the The pal™ are facing

comes forward and raises ur, n.r^ fS 2 , nglU foot- Tfle fcft hand ** ** hand con,™; rdi ^ ™

der height. The hands appear as^houeh th ^ °UtWard' £°shouI" *» the left foot to the^^ a «*«. ^dually contact with the ground At th, « , V ' f°0t come in complete the left hand raisefL^ft£^ ^ hand **» down while body to face the nIhTside " ^ t0 ^ Jeft foot" tun. the

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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