Is There A Hard Style Qi Gong

Wuji Taiji

People say today's society is getting more and more violent. Often you hear that modern, western influ enccd martial arts have been created to deal with to day's circumstances and that the streets of today are a battlefield. However, if you stay away from nega tive things then you should not have any problems. If you go out on a Friday night to a pub that is known for being violent then of course you can expect it to be a bit rough. Why learn martial arts when it would be much easier just to...


Loosen The Back Qigong Posture

If there is anything you want to discuss, if there is anything you want to share with others, any news or any announcements you would like to make, send them to us Qi Magazine, PO Box 116, Manchester M20 3YN. Dr. Yang Jvving Ming visits North Wales. From his base in Boston, USA, he has become a prolific writer on Chinese Wushu and Qigong in the eighties. His works are widely read and highly regarded. On the invitation of Peter Newton he is hosting a course 21-22 September in the 13 postures of...

Energy Gates Qigong And Spine

Energy Gates Qigong

Qigong part of the co new exercise extends to tk Why she have no relei. nd Martial Arts have a long history in China. They are both mtry's traditional culture. Today, there is a trend in creating such as aerobics, aqua-aerobics, step, etc. This trend even martial arts and Qigong. uld this be the case, are the old forms so antiquated that they ance in today's society f