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The final exercises in Healthy Living Gong part 1.

8. Child Swinging a. Lean body to the left side with the left knee bent, the left palm facing backward and right fingers touching the left Quchi point.

b. Close the left hand from the top and right fingers touching the left Quchi point and legs even and straight.

c. Swing to the other side, with the same movement as on the left hand side.

d. Close again with the right hand and repeat the exercise on both sides.


For breathing, you breathe in on one side and breathe out on the other. Otherwise, just breathe naOrally and do nt think about it.

Fitness Background


Whenyoudo theexercise, do not concentrate on the hands. You should concentrate on the waist. ys you shift the yei┬žit to one side, make sure the movement comes from the waist. The hands are just for connecting the energy. When you swing the arms, the fingertips of one hand should touch the Quchi point.


Today, so many people are working on the computer and using amousewhich caneaslycause a pwist, elbow and shoulderprblem. Today, our lives are moe cfnfogabbe and we concentrate on mental development and lack ofbalanced, physical traiing. As a result, the upper bod becomes very heavy and lower part of the body becomes very weak. Even if the shop is just a pew blocks away, most people wiil prefer to drve there. People wiiltake the litrather than take the stirs, eve if only apew flight. In the airport, there are so many people who are sitng in a wheelchai instead of'walking when they only have asmallproblem. Mostpeople wii standon the moving sidewalk rather than using it to pal paste. So most ofttie peoplehave peaker legs and heavy upper body andsopii eventualty cause shoulder, elbow and pristp>ro blem. Child Swinging heps us to move our shoulders, elbows andwrists andput thepressure back onthe legs and create circulaton in theupperbody.

Histo ry/Backgroun d

Child Swinging actually comes prom the Wing Chun movement, ManSau. Wing Chun is a martial art and so in the movement, Man

9. Collecting Qi to the Dantian - Walking

Michael Tse Swimming Dragon Qigong

Sau, we use more power and do not use the body to swing back and forth. Chid Swinging is a Qigong movement and so wiil let the whole body connect pith the movement. Wefiil also connect with the acupuncturepoit, QQuchi point, which helps stimulate the Large Intestine Channel.

Close your legs and slighty bend your knees, with back straight and arms loose.

Step to the left side with the left foot. At the same time lift up the left arm.

Bring your left hand to the Sky Eye and start to lift up the right hand and shift the weight to the left side.

Close your right leg to the left leg and drop the left hand to the Dantian and right hand to the Sky Eye.

Step with the left leg, left hand up and the right hand going down to the Dantian.

Repeat the same walking, towards the left side, following the principle of the left hand and left leg, right hand and right leg together.

After the ending, both the legs should be together and both the hands should drop to the Dantian.

Start to walk [jack to the right, the same amount of steps that you walked from. Step with the right foot and lift up the right hand. Keep repeating the same exercise and walk back to the original startng place.


Throughout the whole movement, breathe naturally. Youdonot need to connect fith the left hand to breathe in or right Ian to breathe out as this is a sequence of movement.


Make sure you that you move left hand and left leg together and right hand and right leg together. Throughout, make sure you keep your knees bent and th e body at the same level. Do not move up and down asyoustep. Keep the eyes on the hand as it is lifting.


A lot of time when we walk, we will walk too fast. For general walking f we walk too fast, we will use energy. In this exercise, you should walk slowly, so you will go through the detail of the body. How do you use your weight. Howdoyou put your weight forward. Howto change one feightto the other f eight. Thatfiil helpyour mind and body to connect together because you do it slowly. Is you bendyour knees to walk, all your weightis onyour legs and your upper body wiil be light. It fiil creat a farm feling in the body. Howeer, your leg fiil be a liitle bit tired. At the same time, you collet the energy, you pass the Ren Mai and down to the Lower Danim So every time you move, the energy fiil go down to the Dantian and open the channel. Sf Ov partisof'bfeftporthecimulaOon and liver because the liver connects fith your blood. And the coordination should be with your hands and legs togetOe.


This movement obviously comes from Swimming Dragon Gong but thffootoog is slightly difpfnt. When Redo that, we keepcollecOng the Qi to the DanOn fith the ample walking. It fiil be easy for beginners. So, in the Healthy Living Gong, we have both sOtionag movemens andwalkiig movements which are like Yin and Yang to balance our Qi togetherj by Michael Tse g

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