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The early symptoms of Prostate Cancer may continue for many years, after which the cancer may spread to the bones, causing chronic pa in in joints and other areas of the body. Further symptoms would include lack of energy, dulled appetite, poor sleep, dull complexion, etc.

In Western medicine, if the cancer is discovered at an early stage, operation can be pe remove it. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy is also used at most stages. While Chinese Medicine (TCM) does not claim to cure cancer, it has a good effect on it. TCM can help to relieve the symptoms, while [prolonging and improving insomnia and had no appetite. In addition, he was swollen all over with aching-joints, and had no energy at all; he couldn't walk or even sit in a wheelchair. Eventually the gentleman'was

"If Western rnedicin and TCM are used toget in treatment, ahere may be an even better result.

the quality of life. If Western medicine and TCM are used together in treatment, there may be an even better result.

In 1999, I witnessed three men who were suffering from prostate ca ncer. The first gentleman I did not see as a patient, but knew through one of my friends. This gentleman was54years old and had been diagnosed in February 1999. He had been given chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment only. He was suffering from severe constipation, in so much pain that—e had— owtay in hospital. Sadly, he died—n Oct 1999, only 85 months after being diagnosed.

The second gentleman was 66 years old, and had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 1999. He-had an operation to remove the ca ncer, after which he had mostly Western medicine, withChinese medicine to help keep the cancer at bay. He continued this treatment until unfortunately, "he'died eighteen months later. However, he

.survived almost- one -year longer after diagnosis tha n the fi rst gentleman, even tough hewasTZyears-older.

The finalise T'asT 77-year-old gen tf e'ma n,, wh o li ves' in - Ch i na, who was diagnosed with cancer in September "1999. At firs, he suffered—fro-m severe pain in his neck,shoulders,chest, elbows and-hips, right down to his leg. -The pain was .so bad .it-affected.- his- sleep. Bowel movements were; normal, althoug h he had frequency ofwrine with occasional urine retention, which made him very uncomfortable. His appetite was poor, and his face was a dull, dark colour. Tongue colour was pale purple, slightly swollen with teeth marks.

The case was serious: he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer i n the late stage, and hisscans showed that the cancer lumps had transferred to the bone and joints in 9 diiferent places. The doctors told his family that the cancer was too far gone to treat and at most, he had 6 months left to live.

This gentleman was a very strong person, and despite the bad news, decided to stay positive and make the best of what treatment he could get from Western and Chinese medicine. He started to have metastron injections, which have been developed to relieve the pain caused by cancer. These were given every6 months.Atthesametime, his case was sent to me from China by fax, and after talking to him on the phone, I made up a prescription of powdered herbs which was s ent to him. From the symptoms described above, t he diagnosis was Kidney Qi and Yang

Deficiency, Qi and Blood deficiency and Blood stasis. The prescription was therefore created with the following treatment principle in mind: to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation, relieve the pain, and soften the lumps with anti cancer herbs.

I sent the powder to China, and advised him to take 1 00g a week. After 3 months, he felt more energetic, his complexion was brighter with more colour, his appetite improved and urination became normal. He was also pain free and when he had a scan in November 2000, it showed that the cancer lumps had slightly shrunk. He was given another metastron injection (13 months after the first one)and continued to take the herbal powder everyday. Everything was going well until January 2002, when he ran out of powder and did not take any for two months. He started feeling tired,and his palpitations and aches returned. This convinced him to ask for more of the (powdered herbs, and he had another injection in May 2002 (18 months after the second one!)

This gentleman is 80 years old now. I visited him in China on my last visit and he was happily active and generally feeling well.

I have used these three cases as a contrast. Although no conclusive decision can be reached, they seem to show that a combination of Western and Chinese Medicine can be of the most benefit. The last gentleman had mainly Chinese medicine accompanied with Western treatment. It i s now 4 years after his diagnosis which gave him 6 months to live! He is much better and scans show the lumps have got smaller^

by Dr Sbulan Tang, sbuland^qimaga^

" When he had a scan, it showed that the cancer lumps had sSightty shrunk. "

Prostate Cancer Chinese And Western

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