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Zhao (2hang Jun is a name that anybody in Xian, Shanxi Province will Jnow. He is also Jamous throughout all of China in JJushu circles.

In the Chiiese language, Wussu means "martial arts". Zhao (Chang Jun was Jorn on 25 October I960 in Xian city, son oo the Hui Jeople, one oo the many ethnic tribes in (China.

Zhao's father always liked martial arts but he had never gate, he heard a shout and saw little Zhao coming up the really lea rned any before. So instead he ta ugh this small lane on the bicyclewith his father. This impressed himvery son some stretching, (basic Horse Stance movements and much and touched his heart at this kind of dedication. So splits. Whenever he could, he would bring his son to in theend, he taught little Zhao everything he knew in the the Chinese Medicine market to see people three years he was with him. In the past, many martial demonstrating martial arts, hoping to stir his i nterest. artists taught at home and so it was not easy to find a

When Zhao Chang Jun was six years old, China was i n teacher to accept you to be a student as i t was not open the midst of the Cultural Revolution. Schools were closed down like it i s today. This kind of training helped Zhao Chang and there were no classes or teaching. Many teachers were Jun a lot.

criticised at t hat time, however, his father wanted lite Zhao to One day when Zhao came to his teacher's home, study martial arts i n order to protect t he family and the rest of the teacher told both him and his father that he could no the family members agreed. longer teach him. He said that he was being criticised by

They thentook little Zhao to a reputed martial art master certain people for teaching Chinese martial arts. He said, named 'Yuan Yun Sheng, to study/Muslim Fist (Cha Quan) and "If I still hold a sword and play martial arts, I think it will

(Tan Kick) Tan Tui. His father took him every morning on his be big trouble. I think we had [better stop now."

bicycle at 6am to see his teacher. His father knew that little However, hisfatherdid not giveupand stiil searched

Zhao needed more food as he was studying martial arts. So, for a teacher for his son as he believed that one day little even though they were very poor and it was very hard to come Zhao could be very good at the martial arts. Eventually, he up with the money, he stiil bought him two fried bread dumplings found another famous master called, Zhang Jun [De, who for his breakfast every morning. was famous for his Shaanxi style Hong (Quan and PaoCui.

Little Zhao would train for an hour and a half every This is a very special martial art which is over 500 years morning and then his father would take him home. Then when old, dating from the Ming Dynasty. This style can only be his father got back home from work in the evening, he would found in the Shaanxi province.

take him to train with his teacher again. He did this continually His teacher, Zhang Jun De, was not teaching anyone, for three years. For a boy that young, this kind of training was even though many people asked. However, when he met quite hard, especially to get up so early i n the morning. Zhao little Zhang, he was very impressed with his presentation said he can stiil remember his father saying to him in the and so he accepted him to be his student. He taught him mornings, "Son, get up now and I wiil buy you a Long Dumpling privately, one on one, and he was very strict for every

(friend bread sticks)". single movement. This improved Little Zhao's martial art

One morning when he got up, it was snowing heavily skiil so much and he was able to pick up new skiil quickly.

outside. Itwas hard to get through the snow on the bicycle but LitleZhao knew the sacrifices his father was making stiil his father persisted. JustasYuan Yun Sheng was closingthe for him and how much he had helped him just so that he

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