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The book Yin and Yang balance: achieve health, wealth, and body balance through Yin and Yang balance will help you discover the art of Yin and Yang balance for assistance in achieving calmness and peace. In the current world that is full of uncertainty, find out how to live in harmony and peace, and ultimately boost your quality of life presently through Yin Yang balance. The book is meant for anyone who has faced the following problems in their lives: the feeling of helplessness and inability to act in the face of uncertainty, or lack of a proper support system required to help you cope with your life. If you don't have the tools and techniques needed to help you surmount your problems and remain calm or you have no clue when it comes to dealing with your current condition, then this book will be an excellent pick for you. The EBook is available for download online.

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7 Chakra Energy Attraction Healing

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The positive negative binary coding of yin and yang and how this applies to Ba Gua martial arts

There are many ways to understand yin and yang in the martial arts. The ideal human model, where forces of yin and yang are most balanced, is the healthy infant who physiologically reflects the optimal merging of these forces. Separation and division between these forces brings about growth, since growth requires yin and yang to oppose Where the extreme merging of yin and yang equals birth, the extreme division of yin and yang is death. According to the Tao Te Ching, the ultimate bible of the Taoists, balanced softness is equated with the life force and stiffness (extreme hardness) results in death. Life energy, when hard and without softness, is unable to express power. Blood vessels provide an apt analogy when soft, they transfer vital fluid, but they become brittle and vulnerable to arterial disease when hardened by plaque yet when too soft they may burst, and if in the brain, causing cerebral hemorrhage. Soft and hard merge to create the youthful body. The perfect yin-yang balance...

The Theory of Yin and Yang

The ancients found that the cosmos was an orderly harmonious systematic universe, and that everything in the universe is a unity of opposites heaven and earth, movement and stillness, day and night, life and death, and so on and so forth. So they divided all things in the universe into two major categories yin and yang, which were also regarded as two opposing aspects of everything. Initially Yin and Yang were looked upon as something concrete as they were supposed to represent different kinds of things. Later, with the

The Application of Yin and Yang in Outgoingqi Therapy

(1) Yin and Yang in Explanation of the Physiological Structure of the Human Body gans referring to the gallbladder, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder and Sanjiao or three warmers) are yang while the five zang or viscera (five solid organs referring to the heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) are yin. As for an individual organ, the function of the organ is yang and the substance is yin qi is yang while the blood is yin. It is hence written in Su Wen Jin Gui Zhen Yan Lun (Plain Questions Synopsis of Genuine Words of the Golden Chamber) that It is said that, of the human being,the lateral aspect is yang and the medial is yin of the body, the back is yang and the abdomen is yin . According to Neijing (Canon of Internal Medicine), the human body can be divided into three pairs of yin and yang with the navel as a horizontal demarcation line, the part above the navel (from the navel to the head) is yang and below that (from the navel to the feet) is yin with the...

Bridge Channels Yin and Yang Chiao Mo Function

Yin Channel Flow

Yin and Yang Wei Mo Function The Regulator Channels, also called the Linking Vessels, bind together all the meridians in the body. The Regulator Channels are also divided into yin and yang. The yin aspect, which runs along the front of the body, moves the yin energy and regulates the blood and inner parts of the body. It connects with all the yin channels the Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Heart, Pericardium and Lung channels. If the yin aspect becomes imbalanced, the person may suffer from heart pains. The Regulator Channels in Taoist Yoga and Chi Kung are slightly different from those presented in acupuncture texts. The Chi Kung Regulator Channels include the yin and yang arm routes as well some Taoist Yoga texts also refer to the arm routes as the Yin Yu and the Yang Yu. Acupuncture texts, by contrast, include only the leg, trunk and head routes. Many recent Chi Kung texts, unaware of these differences, depict illustrations from acupuncture texts alone, further adding to the confusion.

The Motion Law of Yin and Yang

(1) The Opposition and Interdependence of Yin and Yang Yin and yang are not only opposite but also interdependent, without the other, neither can exist. The saying Without yang, yin can not grow while without yin, yang can not develop , or Yang can by no means work without yin and yin can never live without yang fully explains the relationship between yin and yang in terms of interdependence and interconnection. (2) The Waning and Waxing of Yin and Yang Yin and yang are by no means in a state of absolute staticness. There exists between them constant struggle of waning and waxing. While yin waxes, yang wanes, and vice versa . They keep, to some extent, a state of dynamic equilibrium. If the waning and waxing of yin and yang exceed the normal limit and break through the state of dynamic equilibrium, excess or deficiency of yin and yang will occur, leading to development of abnormalities. (3) The Transformation between Yin and Yang As the two opposite components of things, yin and yang...

The Secret of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi practice

The Secret Martial Arts

Kan-Lii and Yin-Yang adjustments are critical keys for success in Chi Kung, and so adjusting them is one of the main subjects of both training and research. According to the experience of the last thousand years, a Nei Dan Chi Kung practitioner who wishes to adjust his Kan and Lii efficiently must learn how to regulate his Yi and breathing. There are also several Chiaw Men (Tricky Doors) which have usually been kept secret, and only taught when the student had earned the trust of his master. One of the secrets is to touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth. This connects the Yin Conception Vessel to the Yang Governing Vessel. Without this, the Chi could stagnate in the mouth area and make the body too Yang. Another secret of Nei Dan training is using the Yi and the movement of the Huiyin cavity (Figure 2-4) and the anus. When this is done in coordination with the correct breathing, it can effectively adjust the body's Yin and Yang. It is quite simple. If you use normal breathing,...

Yin and Yang in Tai Chi Chuan

In Wang Tzong-Yeuh's Tai Chi Classic he states What is Tai Chi It is generated from Wu Chi. It is the mother of Yin and Yang. When it moves, it divides. At rest it reunites (*l). According to Chinese Taoist scripture, the universe was initially without life. The world had just cooled down from its fiery creation and all was foggy and blurry, without differentiation or separation, with no extremities or ends. This state was called Wu Chi (literally no extremity ). Later, the existing natural energy divided into two extremes, known as Yin and Yang. This polarity is called Tai Chi, which means Grand Ultimate or Grand Extremity, and also means Very Ultimate or Very Extreme. It is this initial separation which allows and causes all other separations and changes. the mother of Yin and Yang. This means that Tai Chi is the process which is between Wu Chi and Yin and Yang. Then what is Tai Chi It is the hidden force which is able to lead Wu Chi into the division of Yin and Yang, and also to...

The Number of Yin and Yang

The therapeutic dose required for regulation of yin and yang, expressed as number of respiratory cycles, is calculated on the basis of the number of Yin or yang channels (or the yin and yang aspect of diseases) matching with the number of yin and yang related to the River Chart, the Five Elements, the Luo River Graph and the Acquired Eight Diagrams. For example, the number of yang is used to calculate the respiratory cycles for tonification or purgation of the yang channels,- the number of yin for that of the yin channels. Table 7-1 provides a general basis for calculation. Table 7-1 The Number of Yin and Yang

Chapter The Root of Tai Chi Chuan Yin and Yang

The theory of Yin and Yang is the root of Tai Chi Chuan, and the source from which it was created and formalized. The Chi Kung sets, which are an essential part of the practice of Tai Chi, are also based on this theory. It is therefore desirable to understand Yin-Yang theory so that you can have a clear concept of what you are trying to accomplish in your practice. 2-1. The Concept of Yin and Yang, Kan and Lii Yin and Yang The Chinese have long believed that the universe is made up of two opposite forces - Yin and Yang - which must balance each other. When these two forces begin to lose their balance, nature finds a way to rebalance them. If the imbalance is significant, disaster will occur. However, when these two forces combine and interact with each other smoothly and harmoniously, they manifest power and generate the millions of living things. Yin and Yang theory is also applied to the three great natural powers heaven, earth, and man. For example, if the Yin and Yang forces of...

Liangyi Yin Yang

In the Yijing, the number two stands for Yin and Yang, or Liangyi M . These terms, Yin and Yang or Liangyi, allow people to understand an object through the expression of opposites. Bagua A S the Eight Trigrams, is the foundational knowledge in Yijing science. The four pairs of universal Liangyi in the Bagua are Qian& (Heaven) and Kunify (Earth) ZhenM (Thunder) and XunM (Wind) Gen In Qigong practice, we learn movements, which are Yang, and stillness postures, which are Yin. We can understand the Dao through understanding Yin and Yang. Confucius defined the Dao as one Yin and one Yang combining. 12

Yin and Yang

The doctrine of yin (negative) and yang (positive) is a summarization of the opposition of all things. Neijing - Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun (Canon of Internal Medicine - On Conclusions of Correspondence of Yin and Yang) says, Yin yang is the law of the universe, the principle governing all things, the parents of changes, and the origin of life and death . Generally speaking, all that are hyperfunctional, exciting, hot, dynamic, strong, bright, invisible, light, upward, outward, clear and the like, belong to yang (positive). On the contrary, all that are waning, restraining, cold, static, weak, turbid, and the like, belong to yin (negative). The same opposition exists in Heaven and Earth, sun and moon, day and night, hotness and coldness, male and female, superior and inferior, outside and inside, motion and rest, fire and water,exhale and inhale, and excess and deficiency. So all things of the natural world containing two opposite components can be divided into yin and yang.

Shier Chen Universal Transformation

Are you familiar with Chinese astrology You may think of the twelve animals of the zodiac commonly printed on Chinese restaurant menus. In actuality, Chinese astrology is vastly more complicated than this. In Chinese astrology, the basic knowledge pertains to the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. The number twelve is described as the twelve Earthly Branches. The branches are representative of the waxing and waning of the two primal energies of Yin and Yang throughout daily or yearly cycles. rounding the Big Dipper. The Dipper rotated around these constellations, which remained fixed in the sky. For each constellation that the Dipper's handle pointed to, a change in energy was noted. The twelve animals of the zodiac originated from these constellations. Considered a trigger for natural phenomena occurring in the universe, the Big Dipper is responsible for unleashing natural disasters and for releasing disease. Accordingly, the Big Dipper has the function of governing the universal...

Introduction to Fusion of Eight Psychic Channels

You will open and clean the Great Bridge and the Great Regular Channel. Both consist of a Yin and a Yang Channel. All together they form four channels (Yin and Yang Wei and the Yin and Yang Chiao Channels). They are the last Extraordinary acupuncture (psychic) Channels to open. The others are the Governor (Du Mai) and Functional (Ren Mai) Channel of the Microcosmic Orbit and the Thrusting Channels (count as one Channel, related to the Chong Mai) and the Belt Channel (related to the Dai Mai).

Philosophical Foundations

Yin and Yang in succession is called Tao The concern of Tai Chi Ch'uan is with the cultivation of Chi. This is accomplished through relaxation and breath control. Through this process the entire body is revitalized and the individual is, thus, bom anew. He is like a newborn babe. But Tai Chi Ch'uan is not merely concerned with the revitalization of the individual's body, but with his spiritual development and enlightenment. If man is able to flow from positive to negative and from negative to positive, he will be in harmony with the universe. To be in harmony with the universe is Yin and Yang in succession. Yin and Yang in succession is called Tao. It is the goal of the student of Tai Chi Ch'uan to become one with the Tao.

Section Four OutgoingQi Diagnosis

In outgoing-qi therapy, the diagnosis is confirmed based on the comprehensive analysis of the data gained with the four TCM diagnostic methods (inspection, auscultation, interrogation and palpation) and the eight principles (yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat and deficiency and excess) and based on the detection of diseases by outgoing-qi which usually reveals the intensity, density and circulating direction of the healthy qi as well as the intensity and nature of the pathogenic qi. Then curative measures can be taken in terms of determination of the channels and points to emit qi toward, the qi guiding methods, hand gestures and manipulations and treatment procedures.

Second Gua Extend energy through middle basin

Proper and internally connected twisting of the hands and fingers as shown in photos stimulates the energy of the kidneys, the root energy for internal power training. This practice is very useful for developing kidney yin and yang energy. The pressure created by twisting the arm and wrist with the torso in

Postural habits and strategies that can save your life

Respond to the solid with hollowness only the inferior man uses force to oppose force.59 Use of force, even if one is young, strong, and quick is not the best attribute to develop. Understand that one will not always be the youngest, the strongest, and the quickest. Instead, train to understand yin and yang and move to the opponent with the opposite quality. When attacked with solid force, the defender slips aside so that when the opponent strikes, his center will not be where the attacker aimed. Where the attacker aimed he encounters emptiness. Few know how to apply the secret of emptiness.

Wired for Stress Programmed for

We may be wired for stress, but, according to Andrew Newberg, M.D., we are also wired for spirituality. In his book Why God Won't Go Away, Newberg describes information from brain-imaging data collected from both Tibetan Buddhists and Franciscan nuns, practicing meditation and contemplative prayer, respectively. A SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) machine shows the way that blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, which correlates with neuronal activity, indicates how people register a transcendent or mystical experience. Newberg found that when the brain is denied typical sensory information, the censor of conscious thought is unplugged, and thus space and time are perceived differently. Meditators often describe this enhanced conscious state as having touched infinity or being one with everything. The clinical search for the cerebral G spot in the brain has led to a new discipline called neuro-theology, the study of the neurobiology of spirituality. Meditation of any...

Basic Self Defence Qinna Locking

I guess everyone can appreciate graceful, flowing movements put it takes a lot more than just elegance to create the perfect routine. Such elements as Chan Si Jing (silk reeling), Peng Jing, separation of Yin and Yang, Fajing (explosive force), Qi circulation, posture, framing and martial application should be discernable or at least implicit in a good performance. (I have to say that in the past ten years I've

Regulating the Breathing Tiao Xi

Yin Yang Theory Body

2 To serve the strategic purpose in Qigong practice of regulating the body's Yin and Yang. It is well know that breathing is Kan (water, ifc.) and Li (fire, ), and able to adjust the body's Yin and Yang. Inhalation can make the body more Yin, while exhalation can make the body more Yang. Therefore, the methods of how to breathe correctly have become one of the major subjects of study in Chinese Qigong society. Generally speaking, the Qi's circulation happens naturally and automatically in people who do not have Qigong training. However, an experienced Qigong practitioner can use his mind, with the coordination of breathing, to generate an EMF (Electromotive Force) to control the Qi circulation more efficiently. Normally, when the average person exhales, he expands the Qi and leads it from the primary channels to the skin, and the body becomes more Yang (Li) When he inhales, he draws in the Qi and leads it from the primary channels to the bone marrow, and the body becomes more Yin...

Huiyin and Anus Coordination

Chi Kung Solar Plexus Point

When you train using your breathing to lead the Chi, you should always pay attention to several things. The first is keeping the tip of your tongue touching the roof of your mouth (Figure 3-35). This connects the Yin (Conception) and Yang (Governing) Vessels. This process is called Da Chyau, which means building a bridge. This allows the Chi to circulate smoothly between the Yin and Yang vessels. The bridge also causes your mouth to generate saliva, which keeps your throat moist during meditation. The area beneath the tongue where saliva is generated is called Tian Chyr (heavenly pond).

Seven Formulas of the Seven Books of the

Their corresponding emotions (sympathy, sadness, joy, anger, fear) blend one harmonious whole, raising the morale and encouraging kindness, gentleness, rightousness, respectfulness and humor. The formula of the five elements combined into one involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang to attain a higher state of bodily harmony and beauty. The ancient alchemical formula Solve Et Coagula corresponds to the second stage in the meditational forms. This formula is called Siaow K'an Li in Chinese and involves a literal steaming of the sperm (Ching) into life force energy (Chi). One might otherwise say that this begins the transfer of the power of the sexual hormones into the whole body and brain. The crucial secret of this formula is to reverse the usual sites of Yin and Yang power, thereby provoking liberation of the sperm's energy. Greater Yin And Yang Mixed I This formula comprises the Taoist Dah Kan Li (Ta K'an Li) practice. It uses the same energy relations of Yin and Yang...

Qi or Chi Art of Breathing[

Most people these days have seen the Tai Chi diagram, which shows the interaction of Yin and Yang. Yin represents the contracting, withdrawing and yielding movement of energy and Yang represents the expanding, reaching and energising movement of energy, both of which interact with each other continually and cannot exist independently of each other, for example, during daytime you have the light of the sun (Yang) and the shadows (Yin), similarly at nightime (Yin) you have the light of the moon and stars (Yang).

Still Meditation includes a The Stillness of the Body Yin and b The Activity of the Yi and Chi Yang

Naturally, the Yin defensive movements of Tai Chi can again be divided into Yin and Yang. For example, a completely defensive withdrawal movement is a Yin defense, whereas, if the withdrawal is used to set up an offense, it is considered a Yang defense. This is because the Yi stays Yang, even though the movement is Yin. Figure 2-3. The Yin and Yang of Breathing There are two ways to classify the Yin and Yang of Tai Chi's Jing (power). The first way is according to how the Jing was generated, and the second way is according to the purpose of the Jing. Jing can also be classified according to how it Jing is manifested. For example, Jing which relies more on muscles than Chi is classified as Hard Jing (Yang), while Jing which reduces the use of muscle to a very low level is classified as Soft Jing (Yin). Naturally, like all other cases of Yin and Yang classification, these can be further sub-classified.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Meridian Points Hui Yin

The functional channel (meridian) runs down the front of the body and is yin, female, or cold in quality the governor channel at the back is yang, male, or hot. When joined, these two form the Micro-cosmic Orbit which links with all the vital organs of the body. By completing this route, the yin and yang mix in harmony, enabling you to increase your energy flow, and send energy, hormones, and vitality throughout your body. In this way energy can be collected, transformed and absorbed where necessary.

Cosmic Star and the Earth Star

Lower Dan Tien

At the moment of conception, the two forces yin and yang connect with such a force, then only fractions of a moment later, the two forces explode into nine different Energy Centers. Seven of them we find in the body and two of them outside the body, forming our personal stars.

Tenth Energy Center Tongue to the Palate

Qigong Tongue

In the beginning, place the tip of your tongue just behind your front teeth (later you will transmit more energy if you place it in the middle of the soft palate or even further back along the roof of the mouth). The palate links the front and back channels, and the tongue on the palate links the switch that enables the energy to flow in a complete circuit. If you watch sleeping babies you will see that often they keep their tongue on the roof of their mouths. They know instinctively how to circulate the microcosmic orbit as their yin and yang energy is still naturally balanced. Even thumb sucking may be an attempt to connect the channels

Taoist Yoga and the Kundalini

Today, modern western doctors wear on their white laboratory coats the Greek symbol of healing energy, two serpents spiralling up a staff. The Taoists in China revered the snake as a wise animal, but symbolized the Tao more abstractly, with the yin and yang symbols spiralling into each other. It is important to note the Taoist yin and yang spiral was contained within a circle, while the traditional Hindu kundalini serpent spiralled vertically up to the crown chakra atop the head. The symbolic difference translates into a real difference in terms of the meditational approach aimed at awakening the release of this cosmic energy. The Hindu yogis emphasized raising the kundalini energy up to a higher transcendant level, while the Taoist masters emphasized harmonious circulation of this energy between chakras. The Taoist emphasis was on achieving perfect balance between yin and yang forces within the body rather than on leaping beyond human form into divine states. Taoist yoga is a...

Moon on the Chest Hwai Jong Baw Yeuh cp

Pranic Body Positions

Stand with one leg rooted on the ground, and the other in front of it with only the toes touching the ground. Both arms are held in front of the chest, forming a horizontal circle, with the fingertips almost touching (Figure 3-39). The tongue should touch the roof of the mouth to connect the Yin and Yang Chi Vessels (Conception and Governing Vessels respectively). The mind should be calm and relaxed and concentrated on the shoulders breathing should be deep and regular.

An Introduction to Qigong

Physical activity is the Yang part of our everyday life. Sleep is the Yin part of everyday life. As in all things, Yin and Yang need to be in good balance. Qi energy has two basic forms, Yin and Yang. For a person to be in perfect health, Yin and Yang must be in perfect balance. Your body, everyone's body, has two kinds of Qi internal Qi and external Qi. The Qi moving inside the body to keep the body alive is called internal Qi. The Qi sent out by a healer to help others to heal or do things outside the body is called external Qi.

Small has no inside big has no outside

Tai Yang Acupoint

I do not know much about science, but I do know my culture Chinese culture, which has survived for thousands of years. The principles of Yin and Yang, the Wu Xing, Five Elements, and Bagua tell us the principles of the universe. I call it 'Chinese Science' and, like Chinese medicine, it is totally different from that of the West. We use herbs which come from the earth, which is where we all If we understand Yin and Yang we know that if we see one side' then there must be another to balance it, otherwise it cannot exist (unless it is the centre). There is only one centre which is steady and stable -for example, we have only one nose and one mouth, which are at the centre of the face, but we have a pair of eyes and a pair of ears, which are not at the centre. We live on a planet and we know that we are not at the centre of the universe. So this means there must be some other planet the same as ours in the universe, because we exist according to the principle of Yin and Yang. By...

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

In the last fifty years, some of the Tai Chi Chi Kung or Tai Chi Chuan practitioners have developed training which is mainly for health, and is called Wu Chi Chi Kung, which means no extremities Chi Kung. Wu Chi is the state of neutrality which precedes Tai Chi, which is the state of complimentary opposites. When there are thoughts and feelings in your mind, there is Yin and Yang, but if you can still your mind you can return to the emptiness of Wu Chi. When you achieve this state your mind is centered and clear and your body relaxed, and your Chi is able to flow naturally and smoothly and reach the proper balance by itself. Wu Chi Chi Kung has become very popular in many parts of China, especially Shanghai and Canton.

Practice Principles and Methods

Q Is Falun Gong concerned with the balance of Yin and Yang A These are all at the level of cultivating Qi, things of a lower level. When you go beyond that level, the issue of balance between Yin and Yang does not exist in your body anymore. It does not matter which system you cultivate, as long as you receive genuine teaching from the master, you are guaranteed to depart from the lower level. You will have to completely discard everything you have learned in the past, keeping nothing. A new set of things will be cultivated at the new level. After passing this new level, another new set of things will be cultivated again. It is like this.

Holding and Rotating the Ball with Hands at Its Upper and Lower Sides

Set the hands naturally in front of the chest and the abdomen respectively as if holding a ball (the left hand above the right in male and vice versa in female), the thumb of the upper hand toward the point Shanzhong (Ren 17), the thenar eminence minor of the lower hand toward the navel, and the Inner Laogong (P 8) of the two hands pointing at each other. Breathe naturally and imagine holding a ball (Yin-Yang Taiji Ball) and yin-qi and yang-qi circulating between the two hands. Firstly, inhale to send qi to Dantian by will and exhale to direct qi from Dantian to between the palms, followed by pushing and pulling

Eight Extraordinary Channels and Chi Kung

Therefore, Taoists focus on opening up the flow of energy through the eight extraordinary channels as a prerequisite for opening the energy flow in the twelve ordinary channels. In the Universal Tao system, you first open up the Governor Channel and the Functional Channel in the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation. The second pair the Thrusting Channels and the Belt Channels are opened in the Fusion of the Five Elements II Meditation. The last four channels, the Yin and Yang Bridge Channels and the Yin and Yang Regulator Channels are opened in the third level of Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation. After opening all eight channels, in the next level of Taoist inner alchemical meditation called the Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li, the twelve ordinary channels are then opened.

Automatic Circulation Exercise Zhoutian

Practice the exercise 2-4 times daily for health preservation and 4-6 times for treatment of diseases. This exercise can be practiced flexibly outside of regular practice hours. For example, it can be practiced after work or when the symptoms of a disease become severe, in which case it can be done until the symptoms improve. Persistent practice of this exercise should help regulate the Yin and Yang of the body. Keep yourself relaxed and comfortable during practice. Avoid forced holding of breath and mental strain. Be sure to defecate or urinate before doing the exercise. Any desire for defecation or urination may lead to diseases caused by mixing clear Qi with the turbid Qi. Keep a balanced diet. Overeating may cause stagnation of Qi while hunger may result in weakness of in motion.

Digestion problems Understanding the Healing Power of Qigong

Qigong teaches you to use your mind, body, and spirit together to unblock energy and balance Yin and Yang energy in die body. We are formed by two kinds of Qi Yin and Yang. Yin means something female, passive, and spiritual Yang means something male, active, and physical. Examples of Yin would he woman, water, and earth. Examples of Yang would be man, fire, and sky. Yin and Yang energy must be in a good balance. Colds, arthritis, tumors, etc. arc simply the symptoms of the imbalance of Yin and Yang. This imbalance creates energy blockages. If we want to get well, we have to remove those blockages and open channels. This rebalances the Yin and Yang energy. lo strengthen your physical energy. To help you open all energy channels in the body. To help you bring your Yin and Yang energy hack into balance. To help you get rid of energy blockages. To help you develop your spiritual energy so that you heal yourself physically, mentally and spiritually at the same time. Z - horming of Yin and...

Opening the Functional and Governor Channels Theory Functional and Governor Channels

Chi Energy Ball

The Functional and Governor Channels are the first two of the eight extraordinary channels described earlier in this chapter (beginning p.178). They serve as the reservoirs of yin and yang energy in the body. The Functional or Conception Channel is yin and all of the ordinary yin channels connect to it. Similarly, the Governor Channel is yang and all of the ordinary yang channels connect to it.

Shoulder Arm Exercise Jianhi Gong

This exercise promotes the flow of Qi and blood in the Three Yin and Yang Channels of Hands, relieves swelling and pain, and lubricates the joints. It is recommended for conditions such as aching, pain, and numbness of the arm and shoulder, and sprains and weakness of the limbs. To treat arm and shoulder pain, do this exercise together with other methods such as flexing, stretching and rotating the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Points for Attention

Introduction to Medical Qigong

The central theory of TCM is to balance the Qi (the vital energy in the body) according to several theories such as Yin-Yang, Five Element, and Six Stages. These theories are used in TCM in general as well as in Medical Qigong in particular. In the Yin-Yang Theory, all of life is composed of two opposing yet complementary forces the yin (feminine, dark, weak) and the yang (masculine, light, strong). At birth, the human body normally contains equal amounts of both traits. When sickness develops, it can be attributed to a deficiency or excess of either of the two forces. Medical Qigong seeks to restore this balance through movement and breathing exercises. Earth Spleen, stabilization, balanced between yin and yang.

Squatting Chi Kung

Psoas Martial Arts

When the psoas muscles are relaxed, Chi can freely flow between the kidneys via the veins to the heart and vice versa. The free exchange between fire Chi from the heart to the kidneys (by which the kidneys are warmed up and the heart is cooled) and from the kidneys to the heart (by which the kidneys are warmed and the heart is cooled) is the basis of the balance between Water and Fire energy in the whole body and thereby the balance between Yin and Yang.

Cleansing The Emotions

Qigong Exercise For Paranoia

The commonly used words for our emotions - chosen by Western individuals, committees, and general consensus - were Anger, Joy, Sympathy, Grief, and Fear. However, as we are all aware from our own experience, and yin yang theory, each of our emotions has both a positive and negative aspect - its opposite and counterbalance. The selection of the following complementary words are the author's own - there has been no common discussion or agreement on this, and other people may have their own preferred descriptions. 1. At the perineum, in between the legs, between your genitals and anus. Although this point is 'private' it is one of the two most important points on the body - the other is the Crown point on the top of your head. Together they are the Yin and Yang ends of the primary pathway known as The Thrusting Channel Chong Mo which runs up and down the center of your body.

The changing of the sinews or triple warmer Qigong

This triple warmer exercise is said to balance the yin and yang energy of the body. Stand in a normal position with feet relaxed, toes turned slightly outward. Breathe in through the nose and lift both palms up in front of you with the palms facing upwards. The fingers point towards each other as you stand up onto your toes. Older people may prefer not to stand on their toes.

Questions and Answers

To summarize my thoughts, I would say that the direction of our qi flow is fixed in the stage of the Microcosmic Orbit, but when our skill progresses beyond that, the direction can reverse. But qi flow seems to revert to its original direction after the new qi flow has developed to a certain level. When the Chakras are all open and you have mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit, you will also be able to control the direction of qi flow. This means that after you can control the direction of qi flow in the Microcosmic Orbit method, your Chakras will open and you will then be able to say that you have mastered the Macrocosmic Orbit method. If you can control the direction of qi flow, this means that you are a hermaphrodite in terms of qi. By this I mean that you have achieved a combination of maternal and paternal elements, or a balance between yin and yang. When men try to make their qi flow in the direction of a woman's, or a woman tries to make her qi circulate in the male direction, they...

Dragon and Tiger Leap into Heaven

Tiger Dragon Ying Yang

Teng means jumping or leaping. Hu means tiger. Yue means jump from one place to another, like jumping over a stream. Yue also means going to Heaven to connect with high-level beings. The leaping in this movement symbolizes two substances, Q and Jing, which transform into Shen, and brings us closer to the Dao. This movement symbolizes East and West cooperating in Yin-Yang balance. In shamanism, the dragon and tiger are symbols for elevation. The dragon of the East represents Yuanjing n or original essence in the body, while the tiger of the West represents Yuanqi 771 or original Qi. These two substances combine and transform in the body to nourish Shen. Emptiness is not really emptiness in the literal sense. Emptiness symbolizes the universe that is woven together with Q and is a vehicle for moving toward the Dao. Function This movement harmonizes the Yin-Yang energy. In the physical layer, it works to release any kind of disease. This movement transforms...

Four Universal Spiritual Animals

Zhuque China

In discussing the number two, we defined Liangyi as the expression of Yin and Yang. In the Yijing, these Liangyi are drawn as one continuous line to represent Yang while one divided line represents Yin. The relative nature of Yin and Yang combinations produced the Sixiang, or four pictures. The Sixiang are produced from combining the maximum number of possible combinations of these lines Taiyang (Great Yang), composed of two Yang lines Shaoyang (Lesser Yang), composed of one Yin line on the bottom and one Yang line on the top Shaoyin (Lesser Yin), composed of one Yang line on the bottom and one Yin line on the top and Taiyin (Great Yin), composed of two broken Yin lines. The Bagua, or Eight Trigrams, was created in the same fashion of possible combinations from the Sixiang. (See Part II, 5.9 Bagua A& 8 Trigram)

Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Universal Tao Practices

Universe Yin And Yang

It is here that the birth of the very Universe from Nothingness towards Fullness is reflected in the unity of Yin and Yang at the beginning of our life Journey. By smiling and relaxing into the belly, we ease the metabolism in the whole body, facilitating the digestion of food and creating favorable conditions for the greater digestive happening the processing and blending of Universal, Earth and Cosmic Particle energies to support the growth of the embryo.

Opening the Three Tan Tiens

Fig. 3.1 The Upper Tan Tien is in the brain (the Crystal Room, third ventricle), and when it is full of energy, the capacity of the brain increases. We store our spiritual intelligence, the mind here. All the Tan Tiens have both yin and yang within them. In nature, the yin and yang are present in all things. Day (yang) turns into the sunset, which turns to night (yin). It is very important to feel the qualities of yin within yang and yang with yin (sunrise sunset). One quality does not exist without the other. They are inseparable qualities of the same force.

Empty Force

We usually refer to the lower abdominal area as the Tan Tien, but we actually have three Tan Tiens the Lower Tan Tien (Second Brain), the Middle Tan Tien (Heart, seat of the consciousness) and Upper Tan Tien (behind the mideyebrow point, the seat of the Shen, the spirit). You can read more about the Tan Tien in the booklet on the Chi Kung meditation called Opening the Three Tan Tiens in Six Directions . All three Tan Tiens are used in Taoist inner alchemy. Because of their capacity to deal with a large amount of Chi, the Tan Tiens are used as a laboratory for Inner Alchemical work. Translated from the Chinese, the word Tan means elixir (literally cinnabar, a mineral used in the Outer Alchemy as a basis for the elixir of immortality, since it was considered to have the perfect balance of Yin and Yang). Tien means field or place. It is the place where all the energies of our body, the earth, the Universe and nature come together to form the pearl, the elixir of immortality, the...

Chi Kung and the Balance of Water and Fire

Iron Shirt Qigong

This Yin mind is receptive, inward oriented, serene, steady and cool and represents the moon energy. It is the opposite of the Yang or Fire mind. The Fire Mind is so called as it represents the heat of the Sun, the emotional, active, outward going and volatile mind. These two minds, representing the unity of opposite Yin and Yang energies in the Universe, need to always return to balance, so as to create harmony and the right temperature in body and mind.

Self Healing and Wholeness

Chi Healing

Heaven and Earth, dark and light, the sacred and the profane, the material and the spiritual, body and mind, the physical and the metaphysical, thinking and feeling, what is above and what is below, are not seen as irreconcilable or inimical opposites but as natural polarities and partners between Yin and Yang. This manifests the relations between Heaven Fire and Earth Water, at the root of the energetic processes of imbalance and balance within the body.

How to use this Course

The remaining two audio sessions are for exercise and meditation. The lirst, called Active Exercises, helps you with the active exercises that you learned on the video. Each side is approximately 30 minutes. On Side A, I will guide you through these exercises Beginning of the Universe, Forming of Yin and Yang, Moving of Yin and Yang, Breathing of the Universe, and Joining of Yin and Yang. On Side B, I will guide you through Harmony of Universal Energy, Seven Steps of New Life, and the ending exercise, Harvesting Qi. If you choose to do just Side A, be sure to finish the session with the Ending exercise-it is easy to memorize.

Section Three The Time and Direction for Training Qi and The Points for Attention The Time for Training Qi

The training of qi should be adapted to nature. The qigong exercises to be practised should be selected according to the season or even to the month or the date, and to the physical conditions of the individuals. The time of exercise is determined on the basis of the time of advance and retreat of yin and yang. Su Wen - Si Qi Tiao Shen Da Lun (Plain Questions - Treatise on Regulation of Vitality in Four Seasons) emphasizes the principle of nourishing yang in spring and summer and replen A master qigong practitioner usually practises qigong exercises during the Zi, Wu, Mao and You periods when he has gained certain experiences. In the concrete, training of qi is performed during the Zi and Wu periods, and nourishing of qi (muyu) during the Mao and You periods. And because the Zi, Wu Mao and You periods represent the fluctuation of yin and yang in terms of its advance and retreat in winter, summer, spr ing and autumn respectively (there are one yang and five yin during the Zi period,...

Prayer Wheel Raise and Lower Arms

This exercise balances Yin and Yang, merges Heaven and Earth, and fuses Fire and Water, establishing polar equilibrium within the energy system. Terrestrial energy is drawn up through the energy gates in the soles and palms, while celestial energy is drawn down from the crown. The two merge and fuse at the chest on a completion of inhalation and are packed down into the 'Sea of Energy' in the lower elixir field on exhalation. - Daniel Reid, p. 236

Smiling Chi Flow as the Silent Language of Nature

The Daoists wisely chose the same energetic language that is used by nature - the unity of Original Breath flowing through the entire body of Nature, present in the stillness of stars. The patterns of yin-yang in sun and moon cycles, of five phase chi flow in the changing seasons The simple progression of Tao is first inner smile through the body layers into the body's core, its center of Original Substance, Breath and Spirit. Then from that space yin-yang and five phase chi flow radiates out. The exact pathway in the body is unique to each person's astrology and to their situation in life.

Levels of Cultivation in Falun Gong

At a certain advanced level in Falun Gong cultivation, Cultivated Infants (yinghai) sometimes appear all throughout a practitioner's body. They are mischievous, enjoy playing, and are kindhearted. Another kind of body can also be produced the Immortal Infant (yuanying). He or she sits on a lotus flower throne that is very beautiful. The Immortal Infant generated through cultivation is created by the merging of yin and yang within the human body. Both male and female cultivators are able to cultivate an Immortal Infant. At the beginning the Immortal Infant is very small. He gradually grows larger and ultimately grows to be the cultivator's size. He looks exactly like the cultivator and is indeed present there in the cultivator's body. When people with supernormal abilities look at him or her, they will say that this person has two bodies. Actually, this person has succeeded in cultivating his or her true body. Many Law Bodies can also be developed through cultivation. In short, all...

The Commonlyused Points and Manipulations

Microcosmic Orbit Yin Tang

The meridians and collaterals and strengthen the immunological and disease-resisting abilities of the body. It can also regulate qi and blood, balance yin and yang, enhance the body resistance to eliminate the pathogenetic factors, mobilize the potential energy of the body to achieve the goal of fighting against diseases and prolonging life. However manipulation and a correct selection of points according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine is essential. This is a method to reinforce impaired qi and blood, yin and yang or visceral and internal organs, so as to support the body's resistance, remove the pathogenic factors, regulate yin and yang and supplement qi and blood. It is often used in cases of insufficiency of qi and blood, deficiency of the spleen and stomach and night sweating and emission and so on. The points selected include Zhongwan, Tianshu, Qihai, Guanyuan, Pishu and Weishu. The manipulations used are pushing and pressing. From the point of view of transmission...

Qixing t[ The Big Dipper

Big Dipper Chinese Paint

In Chinese, the number seven is Q -fcr. In oracle bone writing, seven is equivalent to ten. Seven is a Yang number, holding Yin and Yang to represent the Dao. In Chinese, seven is identical in pronunciation to the word for lacquer Q Hi. Lacquer is a coating that functions to protect an object and it is also a symbol for eternity. Lacquer art in China dates back at least 2,000 years. In Qigong practice, we work with the eight layers of the body skin, muscles, tendons, fascia, blood vessels, bone, bone marrow, and blood. As we work to harmonize these eight layers and produce mutual cooperation among them, so too are we working with the eight trigrams of the body. Qan ffff (Heaven) represents the head, as it is the highest part of the body. Kun (Earth) represents the belly, as it takes in nourishment and is the seat of the Spleen and Stomach. Li ff (Fire) represents the eyes, as they are the windows of Shen (spirit). Kan (Water) represents the ears, as they are the orifices of the...

How Does Taoism Relate to Tai

This is an example of the soft overcoming the hard, as when water wears down a huge boulder in the stream over decades of rapid movement. You used a hard approach at first ( I'm going to drive this nail into the wood if it kills me ). When that didn't work, you took a break and tried a soft way (using a drill is actually using mechanical advantage, another link with T'ai Chi's principles). Success So the T'ai Chi principles Soft Overcomes Hard and Meet Advancement With Retreat illustrate the Taoist yin-yang principle of everything needing a complementary partner, and of learning to go with the flow in order to achieve success in life.

The Relationship between Man and Nature

When we say correspondence between man and universe , we mean that the life activitity of the human being is closely related to nature. Su Wen - Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun (Plain Questions On Conclusions of Correspondence of Yin and Yang) holds, The essence of Heaven corresponds with the lung, of Earth with the pharynx, of wind with the liver, of thunder with the heart, of food stuff with the spleen, and of rain with the kidney . And it is said in Lei Jing Tu Yi - Yiyi (Illustrated Supplementary to the Classified Canon Application of the Book of Changes to Medicine), Qi of the universe is that of man the body of man is that of universe Wherever there is will, there will be qi and as spirit goes with qi, one may correspond with Heaven, Earth, ghosts and immortals . From the above scriptures, it can be seen that man and all the things of the universe are products derived from the primordial qi, sun, the moon and the stars water, fire and wind and jing (essence), qi (vital energy) and...

The Postures And Their Applications

The abstract form causes healing to take place physically and mentally while internally and sub-consciously we are learning a 'method of fighting. From this form we learn perfect timing. Perfect timing is the singularly most important aspect to have in the martial arts. Timing covers balance, distance, weight and power, yin and yang. But timing must not be sought after it must just come naturally by practicing all of the aspects of t'ai chi.

Battle of Wits and Words

1982 Chinese Animal

The exercises are of particular benefit to the legs, making them stronger. Then your steps and upper body will feel lighter, your waist will be more flexible, you muscles and joints will be relaxed and looser and your mind will be relaxed. The more you practise the more you will improve the circulation of blood and Qi, balance yin and yang, improve your metabolism, your appetite, lift your spirit and improve your immunity and live longer. As it says in the poem below

The Great Secret of Internal Alchemy

Crying With Smile Pics

The great secret of all alchemists is that the third force hidden with the Tai Chi of yin and yang, the Original Breath (yuan chi), can restore our Original energetic and spiritual body (yuan jing) within the physical dimension. When this is crystallized it is known by many names the Elixir, Golden Light body, immortal body, Immortal Child, the Pearl. Without the personal will to create this body of inner light and inner sound, the Original Breath gradually disperses.

Receptive Yin Smile Projective Yang Smile

The focus in the yang phase is again not on accepting the transitory outer appearance of reality, but on accepting its inner essence. We practice smiling to the soul of matter, which includes the soul of other people and things. During both the yin and yang phases we are working with the core energy of the soul. Both yin and yang phases of the Inner Smile evoke a smiling wave of yuan chi, or Original Energy. Yuan chi is the subtle energy, literally the subtle breath of our yuan shen, or Original Spirit. Let me clarify yin-yang theory. The idea is that there are an infinite number of polarities around a single central neutral pole. This central axis is simply called the Origin. In the human body it is called the chong mai or core channel. Around our personal core channel are a huge number of physical, sexual, emotional, mental, environmental, ancestral, astrological, and soul layers of tension. You could label these polarities anyway you want, call it body vs. mind, etc.

Harmony of Fasciae Tendons and

Cavities The Body

A Taoist would describe the body as internally consisting of the vital internal organs and the Chi energy which services them. Externally the body is comprised of bones, tendons, muscles and the fasciae which contain them. If you recall, bones are moved by the action of muscle contractions which pull on the tendons that are attached to the bones. Blood is said to move muscles and Chi to move blood. Thus, the Taoist Master strives to create and protect the Chi and the blood. This Chi, as an electromagnetic energy is unseen, while the muscles, tendons, bones and fasciae are quite visible. Practice consists of working both the visible and the invisible as an expression of the harmony of Yin and Yang.

Lao Tzu and Nothingness

Yin Yang Nothingness Everythingness

The opening line of Tao Te Ching, Tao gave birth to the One, can be interpreted as meaning, Tao gave birth to the One Tao from Noth-ingess. Tao creates all things and Tao is the prime mover. Nothingness (Not-being) does not mean empty space, but an inexhaustible capacity. The creative action of Tao is brought forth as the admixture and mutual action of Yin qi and Yang qi-, it gives birth to vital power harmonized with Yin and Yang. In the Yang philosophy we divide things into two and then integrate them once again. The clockwise Tai-ji diagram symbolizes the creation of all things when Nothingness is transformed into Yin and Yang. The counterclockwise Tai-ji diagram symbolizes the opposite process (Yin and Yang unite and return to Nothingness). We can think of this as a never-ending process of differentiation and union, development and decline, birth and death. But we should note that while Yin and Yang are each constantly evolving and disappearing, each also contains the other. Yin...

Bao Yi Shang Shan X Tiger Climbs the Mountain

Qigong Wealth

Visualization Visualize yourself as a tiger climbing up the mountain. Feel your whole body moving and all the parts cooperating with each other, especially the four limbs and claws. The tiger body is heavy, yet swift, sinuous, and agile. This illustrates Yin and Yang lightness and heaviness contained in one being. The heaviness is in the bones condensed and never yielding. The lightness is in the agility of the movement. The tiger is stable and rooted while at the same time agile and active.

Space Is Full of Consciousness

Shuji Inomata, M.D., chief researcher of the Electric Technical Research Institute and president of the Japan Consciousness Engineering Organization, reports on qi from the viewpoint of New Age Science. He maintains that qi spirals clockwise. His basic proposition is Consciousness mind and mass matter do not reciprocate directly. But when consciousness controls the current of physical time, positive and negative Shadow Energy flow in. There are two kinds of Shadow Energy yin and yang. These are called qi, or prana, in Oriental philosophy. We have recently begun to consider possible practical uses of such energy. This suggests that the Oriental world view of the unity of consciousness and body is being put to practical use, despite the viewpoint taken by much of Western medicine that maintains that mind and body function independently. As the Heart Sutra notes, Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form (for more on the Heart Sutra, see also page 145).

Ba Gua Zhang and the I Ching

Students of the Ching know that the classic is based upon an arrangement of yin and yang binary coded lines, the trigrams discussed above, placed together in series of three (each forming eight guas or line arrangements) these series of eight guas, from which the Ba Gua Zhang name comes, then interplay among themselves to create sixty-four (eight x eight) arrangements of eight yin and yang line diagrams. In the same way that the Ba Gua diagram and the Ching mirrored mysterious universal principles, the art of Ba Gua Zhang was believed by its practitioners to mirror the principles of creation through movements corresponding to the philosophical ethos. Central to this ethos is the idea that the universe gives birth to phenomena through change and interplay of bipolar opposing forces of yin and yang. The Chinese philosophy of yin yang, a separate school until 200 B.C., viewed phenomena in the universe as mixtures of yang (positive charged) and yin (negative receptive) mechanisms of...

Trigrams In London Chinatown

Basic theories of Qigong are very important, Yin and Yang, the five elements and the Bagua (8 trigrams), these principles influence all Chinese thinking. If you study any Chinese art be it acupuncture, herbal remedies, calligraphy, and even cooking, then you should know these principles.

Q Whats the difference between Inner Smile as a Water Fire dissolving technique and Tao wateronly dissolving methods

The water-only dissolving approach does not use Daoist five element theory or open up communication with the five vital organ spirits. It primarily uses Daoist yin-yang theory, but even here it does not employ the Microcosmic Orbit or other specific energy channels in the body like the Eight Extraordinary Vessels used in One Cloud's Fusion of the Five Elements. In the water-only approach, everything in the body is simply a mass of ice, water or gas. Yin-Yang theory and Five Element or Five Phase theory were two parallel schools of early Chinese thought. They were integrated by Tsou Yen's School of Natural Cosmological Thought about 350 b.c. During the Han Dynasty (about 200 bc) yin-yang and five phase theory were combined to form the Chinese calendar we have today. The water-only method may be from an archaic yin-yang school that did not have five phase or body channel theory. Water-only enthusiasts sometimes claim their approach is the original and thus only true Tao method, based on...

Step Smile swallow to bowels sexual organs

Physically, this is a series of ring muscles, from lips to esophagus to stomach to anus. These ring muscles pulsate in waves of expansion and contraction, expressing the cosmic yin-yang pulsation. This chain of ring muscles allows our primitive physical self to squeeze and grasp

First Guided Smile Warmup

Small Babies Smiling

Sometimes people tell me I can't smile , they are just too uptight. So I say Do the inner frown, take it as deep as you can go with it. They invariably get tired of frowning and start smiling. That's the yin yang effect - you go to one extreme, it flips it and comes the other way. Love becomes hate, hate becomes love. The Tao, the Way, the Natural Way, is to always find harmony, and the inner smile is pure harmony because it doesn't really impose itself on anything. It occupies the space in between the extremes, so both yin and yang feel supported by its presence.

Exercise for the alleviation of the triple warmer

Harmonising yin and yang of stomach and spleen This exercise works upon the stomach and spleen, which are linked in Chinese medicine. Lift the palms as before with the fingers almost touching and the palms in close to the chest as you breathe in. Now push one palm up over your head, palm up, and one down to your side, palm down. Hold this position for about 5 seconds while holding the breath and then breathe out as the upper palm comes down to the same level as the other. Repeat this on both sides.

Awakening to Subtle Wonders

This is precisely the deep sense of the Yin and Yang symbol in which there is a light spot in the dark and a dark spot in the light. How truthful and wise is this insight which honors the inherent reality of a unity of opposites in everything in the universe, including ourselves. How liberating is this Taoist view of the unity of positive and negative energies, used in the first Fusion practice. Fig. 7.1 Yin and Yang Symbol - 174 - Fig. 7.1 Yin and Yang Symbol - 174 -

Combined Practice Warm Up Exercises

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The yin and yang are the negative and positive electric forces in the universe. The heart produces impulses (the yang electric) and the adrenal glands produce the adrenal hormone to stimulate the heart to beat. Of all the hormones inside us, this is the one that gives the vital force to our life.

The Qi Energy of the Spirit

Everything in the universe is made up of Yin and Yang energy coming together. These two are always attracted to each other. When the Yin and Yang energies move and encounter each other at a different point in time, a different place in space, and at a different speed, different things are created. That's why there are so many different

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine describes in its first chapter our Original Qi or True Qi. We grow up from our parents' Qi -Yang which comes from the father, Yin from the mother. Yin and Yang Qi come together, become one and creat nother Qi. This is True Qi (Original or Prenatal Qi), which will grow every day by absorbing Postnatal Qi like food, water, air and sleep. This True Qi from your parents is like a seed. A seed needs to take nutrients from the soil, air, water and sunlight (in other words, Postnatal Qi) At sixteen the Qi of the kidneys becomes strong and so puberty starts, releasing sperm. Thus his Tin K wai starts to work. The Yin and Yang Qi inside the body become strong and balanced, and from this moment he can father a child.

Aligning mind and body

Hun Yuan Zhuang Postures

They understood and were able to control both Yin and Yang, the two fundamental principles of nature YING AND YANG Yin and Yang are opposite and complementary forces such as day and night, female and male, in our ever-changing universe. The theory of Yin and Yang, fundamental to Chinese medicine, is described in the Yellow Emperor's classic work.

Is There A Hard Style Qi Gong

Wuji And The Internal Organs

However, traditionally, hard styles are considered just as difficult to master as soft styles, and soft styles are not regarded as some unobtainable goal as they are in the west. If you talk about hard and soft, yin and yang, then if something is yang on the outside then it must be yin on the inside. Therefore, inside a hard style there must be soft, tranquil and calm. Is a cup yin or yang On the outside it is hard so that it can hold and give form to the liquid, but its function is to be yin because it is contains and receives.

Step b Smile dissolve beyond the body

Once we master both the yin and yang phases, we are ready to master the third kind of skill, known as wu-wei practice. This usually occurs only after we have truly integrated the yin and yang phases of the inner smile and merged them into our Original Spirit. With wu-wei, or effortless practice, our Original Spirit is simultaneously smiling and embracing all of the yin and yang activities of our body-mind both inside the skin and outside the skin. But wu wei is mostly pure abstraction, pretty words, until we actually use the yin and yang Inner Smile practices to experience our original self as concrete reality. That is the point of the higher alchemical formulas, in which the Original Spirit gradually becomes more and more substantial. But it is useful to have a map of the practices even when you are just a beginner.

Advanced Smile left brain right brain center brain

Now invite the left and right half of the brain to smile into each other in the center of your brain. The left and right brain hemispheres smile at each other and find some common ground, some beautiful meeting space where they flow together. Biologically, this meeting place is the corpus callosum, the crossing point for the two hemispheres in the cerebral cortex, the upper brain. Energetically, it is the meeting space of yin and yang in your head, neutralizing each other, fusing into the center of the self-awareness center of the head. Smile from this center, and feel for the response One minute silent practice.

Ba Gua as transformational art

What the intellectuals of Ba Gua and other internal martial arts sought most was to become nei chia, internalists. The internalist, through yogic practice, played upon inherently opposite forces of yin and yang in the body to bring human potential to fruition. Through yogic art he transformed himself and enhanced physical and mental functions. Through disciplined practice, in the words of Master Liu Bin, the adept discovered himselfand saw the phenomenon of sky, earth, sun, moon, wind and clouds in new ways. This path of training is available to the martial artist today. According to instructions handed down from past masters, with patience, hard work and a little luck the student penetrates the veil and directlyperceives the yin and yang of the etheric world. It is said that to understand Ba Gua Zhang is to understand the principles oflife one becomes in tune with nature, spirit and man. With self-actualization as a by-product of training, a person is imbued with increased insight...

Methods of Disease Detection with Outgoingqi

The following is the procedure of flat-palm detection.- Ask the patient to take a standing, upright sitting or lying posture and set the whole body relaxed, mind concentrated and breath natural. Position the palm 10 - 100 centimeters from the patient with the Inner Laogong (P 8) or the fingertips facing the patient's body surface. Emit qi faintly and then conduct slow pushing, pulling and leading manipulations to detect qi of the patient from, firstly, the upper and lower, left and right and anterior and posterior aspects, and then from the body surface of the corresponding regions of the internal organs and tissues. Make comparisons between the sensations gained in different places to find out the part where qi is felt abnormal and decide the nature of it. Analyze the sensations on the basis of the relationship between the eight principles (yin and yang, exterior and interior, cold and heat, deficiency and excess) and the Yao image (yin and yang lines) and the parts, internal organs...

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

In order to manifest Tai Chi Jing power effectively and efficiently, the Jing must first be stored. Storing Jing (in the Yi, Chi, and posture) is Tin, while manifesting Jing is Yang. Tai Chi emphasizes the Yin side and the Yang side equally, and can consequently balance Yin and Yang in the body and avoid unhealthy extremes. This is different from many other Chi Kung practices which emphasize the Yang side more than the Yin side. Practitioners who emphasize the Yang training will not get sick easily, but, because their bodies become Yang, they will age i .ore quickly than normal.

Tai Chi Harmony of Cosmic Being

Golden Embryo Taoism

As our Tao-Being breathes our de-Becoming into the physical plane, our non-dual Original Breath polarizes into yin and yang breaths. The harmonious flow of this trinity - the two yin-yang breaths and the one Original Breath - is called Tai Chi. This polarizing of energy into yin-yang creates all the forces of Nature such as hot and cold, night and day - and female and male bodies. Using the Inner Smile to cultivate our Original Breath (yuan chi) is a key secret to resolving this deep tension in our body-mind. This yin-yang sexual-creative tension is so deep that many of us don't even know it exists. Yuan chi is inherently neutral and balanced. The topic of sexuality is too vast to be covered here. If you are interested in exploring it more deeply, you may find the Daoist secrets of sexology and inner sexual alchemy quite interesting. (Both available as Tao Home Study courses, but recommended only after proceeding through the Chi Kung Fundamentals and Fusion of the Five Elements).

An Explanation Of The Ten Fundamental Principles

Tai Chi Chuan Movements Advanced

The forward movements are in harmony with the backward movements. The movements to the right are in harmony with the movements to the left. The movements of the hands are in harmony with the movements of the feet. The upper body is in harmony with the lower body. The body must always manifest both yin and yang aspects.

Chapter Tai Chi Chi Rung

Third, remember that theory is the Tin side of knowledge, while practice is the Yang side which manifests the theory. This means that if you really want to understand the exercise, you must both study the theory and practice the exercise. Each one helps the other, so that Yin and Yang can grow together and lead you to the essence of the practice. If you are interested in knowing more about Chi Kung theory, please refer to other YMAA Chi Kung and Tai Chi publications. Once you reach the stage of transparency, you will be able to clearly feel the state of your body's Yin and Yang, and adjust them until you reach the state of Wu Chi (no extremity). When you have grasped this Wu Chi center, you will be able to return your whole spirit to its origin (the state before your birth), your Chi will unite with the Chi of nature, your spirit will unite with the spirit of nature, and you will become one with nature. This is the final goal of enlightenment and Buddhahood.

Taoist terms in the martial arts

Gua Zhang Movement Diagram

According to ancient Chinese cosmology, creation began with Wuji, the void or chaos that divided into yin and yang from which t'ai chi or the phenomenological world came about (see diagram). When analyzed as a series of line symbols representing yin and yang, these symbols analyze phenomenological events as a merging of an upper heaven Merging of Yin and Yang (T'ai Chi Taiji) Merging of Yin and Yang (T'ai Chi Taiji) YIN AND YANG IN BA GUA PRACTICE_ Palm in is yin, palm out is yang. Moving outward is yang, moving inward is yin, moving up is yang, moving down is yin. Train yin and yang to move in coordinated ways. This is the theory of Ba Gua Zhang.

Chapter Four Six Directional Movements

Qi Dao respects the philosophical principles of Yin and Yang common in Oriental schools of thought, which oppose as well as complement and balance each other. Like a magnet where the positive and negative poles cannot exist without each other, Yin and Yang movements need to work together to balance and synchronize the body and its energy field. In each spatial plane of movement, such as the mid-sagittal (Centerline), frontal (vertical) and transverse (horizontal) planes, there are directions having Yin or Yang qualities.

What is Spring Forest Qigong

The upper part of the torso, above the navel belongs to Yang. The lower part of the torso under the navel belongs to Yin. One of the reasons people get sick is because the Yin and Yang energies scatter and are not in good balance. Hold this posture to rebalance the energy.

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A It can only be said that the color of a Falun is golden yellow. This color does not exist in our dimension. The background color of the inner circle is a very bright red. The background of the outer circle is orange. There are two red-and-black Taichi (Yin-Yang) symbols, which belong to the Tao School. There are also two other red-and-blue Taichi symbols, which belong to the Great Pre-Taoism School. These are two different schools. The swastika symbol rt is golden yellow. People with Tianmu (third eye) of a lower level see the Falun rotate similar to an electric fan. If one can see it clearly, it is very beautiful and can inspire the practitioner to cultivate even harder and strive forward vigorously.

SFQ reveals the truth there is no right or wrong in Qigong movements only good better and best

In Level One, one of the first movements we teach is the Moving of Yin and Yang. You put your right hand up with the fingers open and facing the upper chest, while the left hand is facing the stomach at the navel. Then, you move the hands in a circular way - the right hand moves out and down to the bottom of the torso, while the left hand moves up to the forehead. The palms of your hands should be facing the body and moving along the central line of the body. You continue moving your hands up and down in this manner.

How Does TCM relate to Tai

All of the principles of Taoism that we examined in the last chapter, as well as some that we did not, apply to both TCM and T'ai Chi. Based on the yin-yang principle, TCM seeks to balance the body. Take, for example, a fever. Often, the methods of TCM will induce yet a higher fever, albeit temporarily, in order to lead it into a balanced state. This is explained by the principle of lead an unbalanced condition into yet a more unbalanced state, and it will seek to gain equilibrium. In other words, start with a fever, make it even more feverish, and it will, by its own nature, want to return to a normal, healthy state. T'ai Chi seeks to portray and practice the same principle. When you are performing Set the Waves Rolling in the 18-Movement Qigong Form, you are trying to determine how far forward you can push before you lose your balance. In experimenting with this movement, you

Four Sections of Cosmic Healing

The second section opens and strengthens four of the Eight Extraordinary Channels the Yin and Yang Bridge and Regulator Channels. This section also teaches the student to extend and take in the cosmic Chi and emit Chi out of the body for healing others. This ability is the heart of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung practice.

Three Secrets of Practicing Qigong Effectively

Our bodies naturally direct us to the emptiness. When we get sick, for example, the first place we go is not to the hospital, but to bed. Wrhen we sleep, we feel relaxed and peaceful. We bring our mind and body into the emptiness. Everybody does this automatic meditation without noticing it during sleep and periods of deep relaxation. Most of our daily energv blockages arc opened and resolved in this way The deeper you go into the emptiness, the faster your body will heal. By practicing Qigong we go into the emptiness where we effortlessly balance the Yin and Yang, the female and male energy. As the balance of energy comes back, the body heals.

Quick Morning Checkup of the Eight Psychic Channels

Men and Women split the energy (pearl) at the feet and start the flow of the energy through the Great Bridge and Regulator Channels from the inside of the left and right the foot (SP-4) and run the Channel along the inside of the legs, the groins, the front side of the body up to GB-14. Continue up, over the head, passing GB-15, GB-16, GB-17 down to LI-16. When you go up on the inside of the legs and the front side of the body, you will feel feel the energy flow along the outside of the legs (Most of the Yin and Yang points are located just opposite each other) and the back of the body at the same time. From LI-16 you go to L-1 and then, along the inside of the arms, P8 and from there you go over TW-5 up on the outside of the arms to join again at LI-16. From there you go up to the crown (GB-16) again.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

Shape Tracing Worksheets

I have come across many people who do a lot of movement but no meditation. They end up sustaining injuries, particularly in their joints. Some people, on the other hand, do a lot of meditation and no movement, but this makes their bodies weak and they do not have enough strength to get through the day easily. For our health to stay balanced, we need both the movement and meditation. This covers both Yin and Yang and will make us healthy. CHINESE CONSIDER that everything in the universe has a special kind of energy. In the last chapter we talked about Yin and Yang, which is the energy of opposites. There is also a special kind of universal energy which can be classified into five different types of energies called 'elements'. These Five Elements are water, fire, wood, earth and metal. In fact, along with the Yin Yang theory, the theory of the Five Elements is the basis of all Chinese culture, including Feng Shui, astrology, traditional medicine,...

Tao Cosmology Unfolding the Original Trinity

Dividing into yin and yang aspects that copulate and procreate. Daoism is thus guided by principles that equally honor the yin and yang, water and fire, female and male, as the offspring of the Tao. Both fire and water are essential to the flow of the Tao and the unfolding of its de , its virtue or spiritual power, into our physical world. But the Original Spirit doesn't disappear just because Yin and Yang Breaths begin creating more tangible worlds of Yin and Yang Substance. The trinity is still functional, they are just functioning in a different dimension. Yuan shen-Original Spirit remains as the ever-present silent observer within our human body. Our eyes cannot see this hidden Self, but it sees through our eyes, it listens through our ears. It is the Silent Witness to every phase of our life. It also colors the flow of chi with its innate intelligence and spiritual qualities. How can we know this Original Spirit It seems unfair - it can know us, but we can't grasp its elusive...

By Master Liu Xing Han

Taoist Master With Student

I learned that at the heart of Ba Gua was the Ching the great and ancient oracle, book of wisdom, and most important philosophical work. The Ching is the study of change. It codifies the principle of change through analysis of the lifeblood of the universe the primal opposing forces of creation and bipolar opposites of yin and yang. According to ancient sages, life, which is change, results from union of the tiger of yin, the feminine and receptive force which rises to meet the descending dragon of yang, the male and creative force. The interplay of the tiger Yin and the dragon Yang brings about life, change and birth. This is the essence of the philosophy of Ba Gua. After many years I understood that the martial art of the Ba Gua palm, like the philosophy it is derived from, is adaptation, extension of power, and constant change because of these it is able to continually meet and adapt to any circumstance. According to the ancient Chinese Taoists, reality or truth is never frozen or...

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