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Kidney Function Restoration Program

The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program is a compilation of the best and most effective natural treatments for kidney disease from around the world. The system is meant to complement your usual medication and not to replace it. This easy to understand kidney disease program can help you make better-informed decisions about what is the right thing to do to support your kidney and return it to its former healthy state. The techniques shared in this program will help cure and retain your kidney back to its natural wellness. You may even be able to postpone or entirely avoid dialysis or a kidney transplant forever. The All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program contain zero filler and is fully backed by modern-day scientific research. Everything contained in this program is safe, natural, and with good safety profiles, proven case studies and doctor recommended. Many of the products including the diet, herbs, and supplements have been used safely in other countries for many years and in several hospitals in the United States. Read more...

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Contents: EBook
Author: Robert Galarowicz
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This is one of the best ebooks I have read on this field. The writing style was simple and engaging. Content included was worth reading spending my precious time.

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The Kidney Disease Solution

The ebook teaches you how to beat kidney disease in a way that no big pharm company wants you to know. The biggest companies make their money when people like you, with kidney disease come in and wonder if there is any way that they can be cured. The medical industry profits off of these sorts of people, because most people do not know that there is a way around the mass-produced medical industry. With the information in this ebook guide you will be able to restore your help without using drugs that end up hurting your kidneys even more. You will be able to avoid surgery, or having to use dialysis just to survive. You can also improve your quality of life if you are already on dialysis or end stage renal failure. This book was born of years of research from Duncan Capicchiano, ND. All of his research, findings, and suggestions are available to you! Read more...

The Kidney Disease Solution Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Duncan Capicchian
Official Website:
Price: $67.00

How To Improve Diabetic Kidney Disease

This product is made available by Nicole who is an experienced veteran nurse and doctor Robert who specializes in the field. This book will guide you into improving your health situation by improving your kidney and diabetes health. You will find out in this book the secret behind one of the most profiting organization and why it is keeping this secret for itself in order to get you to buy medications and keep spending money on doctors. This book will also give you insight into one of the most important things you should be doing if you have any kidney issues, things you should stay away from and things you should eat more of, not only that, but you will learn about the one diet that destroys your kidneys on the long term. After you follow the advice in this book, your health levels will skyrocket and you feel normal again, and even start losing weight. In addition to that, you will also notice that your energy levels are up again and your sleep is improved. All of this information is available in the book which is very reader and beginner-friendly, you don't need any background knowledge to improve your health.

How To Improve Diabetic Kidney Disease Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Robert Galarowicz
Official Website:
Price: $27.00

Chronic Debilitating Pain

I immediately signed up for Level Two. During this time, my mom was dealing with breast cancer. She elected to have a double mastectomy, but was extremely fearful of all of this because she had not yet recovered from a very traumatic kidney surgery. My mom had donated a kidney to my sister and it did not go well for my mom. Three years later, she was still experiencing a lot of painful discomfort. She did not know how she could possibly deal with this pain along with the pain of her upcoming surgery. My mom had always been healthy so the last couple years had been very difficult for her.

Regulating the Breath

You can see that when the breath is regulated correctly, the Qi will also be regulated. They are mutually related and cannot be separated. This idea is explained frequently in Daoist literature. The Daoist Guang Chen Zi (ilAf ) said One exhale, the Earth Qi rises one inhale, the Heaven Qi descends real man's (meaning one who has attained the real Dao) repeated breathing at the navel, then my real Qi is naturally connected. 5 This says that when you breathe you should move your abdomen, as if you were breathing from your navel. The Earth Qi is the negative (Yin) energy from your kidneys, and the Heaven Qi is the positive (Yang) energy which comes from the food you eat and the air you breathe. When you breathe from the navel, these two Qi's will connect and combine. Some people think that they know what Qi is, but they really don't. Once you connect the two Qi's, you will know what the real Qi is, and you may become a real man, which means to attain the Dao.

Small has no inside big has no outside

Tai Yang Acupoint

When you suffer from a kidney problem it will also affect your back. You will experience pain and feel tired. Emotionally you will feel insecure or scared. This makes you complain or moan to others or groan to yourself. But this groaning releases the negative energy from your kidneys.

Waist Exercise Yaobu GongJ

This exercise is usually practiced for health preservation and the prevention and treatment of lumbago, soreness in the waist and weakness of the knees. Those with lower back pain due to lowered kidney function usually do this exercise in combination with such exercises as Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation. Points for Attention

Introduction to Medical Qigong

Qigong exercises affect the actions of the five Elements in the body through Qi flow. Thus, a person who is diagnosed as being Water deficient may have exercises prescribed to improve that Element, thus aiding kidney function. An expert in Medical Qigong is often also a Chinese medicine practitioner, as the ability to diagnose the five Element signs is vital to both fields.

Cleansing The Emotions

Qigong Exercise For Paranoia

Put your attention into your kidneys. The windows are the Ears. Your kidneys are Cold and Blue Black. The negative emotions are Fear Self-consciousness Paranoia The coupled Yang organ is the Bladder. The related season is Winter. Feel the quality of the Qi in your kidneys. Holding your attention in your kidneys, focus on your ears. The ears are the sense-organ windows of the kidneys - there is an internal pathway between them. Using the sequence described above, open up the pathway between them.

Golden Turtle Plunges into the Ocean

Golden Tortoise Posture

Movement Take a deep breath and allow yourself to open, feeling your fingers touch the ends of the universe as you gather the Universal Qi. Your toes are still grabbing the ground, your back is bent slightly forward from the waist, and all the muscles in your hips are tight. This position mimics the turtle swimming in the ocean. Rotate your fingers toward the Mingmen and gather the Q in your kidneys with the mantra of Hai or Hei. Your Laogong are pointing at each kidney as you make the mantra. Breathing Take a deep breath and inhale as you open your arms. Exhale as your fingers reach behind you. Make the Hai or Hei mantra with your fingers pointing to your kidneys.

Supporting the Sky with Both Hands Regulates All Internal Organs

This opening exercise regulates all internal organs, from your heart and lungs in your upper torso through to your kidneys and intestines in your lower abdomen. It relieves fatigue, increases inhalation, and helps prepare your body for the exercises that follow. It also helps invigorate the muscles and bones of your back and waist and can help correct poor posture of the upper back and shoulders.

Looking Back Like a Cow Gazing at the Moon

Wingchun Kidney Breathing

This is one of the most potent of the eight exercises. It has a powerful effect on your central nervous system and the circulation of both blood and Chi to your head. It stimulates the vital power of your kidneys. It also strengthens the activity of your eyeballs, your neck and shoulder muscles, and your nerves, and is excellent for alleviating high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

Your digestive system is also affected during seasonal changes. Your appetite may increase, or you may have diarrhea. When the temperature goes down, your kidneys and bladder will start to give you trouble. For example, because the kidneys are stressed, you may feel pain in the back. Focusing on these seasonal Qi disorders, the meditators created a set of movements which can be used to speed up the body's adjustment. These Qigong exercises will be introduced in a later volume. 2. Curing Sickness

Chapter Developing a Daily Routine

You should drink some water when you get up, but not to excess. Drink as much as you feel is comfortable. Imbibing too much water can make you feel nauseated and even damage your kidneys. For drinking purposes it is wise to use a water filter or distill your water. Water and air are your two most important ingredients to good health and steady progress in this system. If you are worried about losing trace minerals through distillation, use tap water to cook with. Then you will have your minerals, too. Make sure that the tap water is filtered, at least through a simple mesh. Make sure that the air that you breathe is filtered as well whenever possible. The Bionaire air filter is a good choice because, in addition to filtering the air, it has an ion emitter.

The Qigong Six Healing Sounds

Healing Sounds Qigong

Breathe normally. Focus on your kidneys and start the movement. As you inhale, place feet and legs together. Bend forward with both palms facing toward you. Your left hand clasps your right hand (your left thumb tucked in your right palm). Surround your knees with your clasped hands. At this point, exhale completely making the kidney healing sound. As you make the sound visualize wet, heavy unhealthy energy being released from your kidneys. Let go of fear. Breathe naturally, slowly straighten your arms and gently but firmly pull back. Feel comfortable pulls in the kidney area At the same time tilt head upward to look straight ahead. Breathe normally and slowly return to rest position, feet and leg apart, hands in lap. Close eyes. Be aware of your kidneys. Breathe naturally. As you inhale, visualize wonderful blue light entering, surrounding and radiating from your kidneys. Feel the connection to your ears and bones. As you exhale silently make the kidney...

Chapter Initial Preparations

Stomach And Sternum

Sit at the front edge of your chair (the best position for practicing the Microcosmic Orbit also). Place your tongue at the roof of your mouth to seal the leakage of tongue and heart energy. Listen inwardly to your kidneys and breathe inwardly to the lungs. Look inwardly to the liver, and all of the other organs as well, to seal the senses from the inside.

Cosmic Chi Kung Preparation

Be aware of your heart and listen to your kidneys with your inner senses. Smile to your heart and kidneys and feel them pulsing feel them communicating and interacting with each other. The Kan and Li the water of the kidneys and the fire of the heart, balance and begin to mix.

Touching the Feet with Both Hands Reinforces the Kidneys and Loins

Duan Jin Book

This exercise is good for the muscles of your lower back and legs and for stretching your spine. It is also beneficial for the internal organs of your lower abdomen. The movements of your waist actually bring every tissue and organ of your abdomen into play. The whole exercise strengthens your kidneys, your adrenal glands, and the arteries, veins, and nerves associated with them. Since your kidneys play a vital role in regulating the water metabolism of your entire body, this exercise helps maintain a healthy balance in your internal environment. CAUTION Do not practise this Ba Duan Jin exercise when pregnant.

It Is The Yi Which Leads The Chi And Makes It Move

You can see that when the breath is regulated correctly, the Chi will also be regulated. They are mutually related and cannot be separated. This idea is explained frequently in Taoist literature. The Taoist Goang Chemg Tzyy said One exhale, the Earth Chi rises one inhale, the Heaven Chi descends real man's (meaning one who has attained the real Tao) repeated breathing at the navel, then my real Chi is naturally connected. (* 16) This says that when you breathe you should move your abdomen, as if you were breathing from your navel. The earth Chi is the negative (Yin) energy from your kidneys, and the sky Chi is the positive (Yang) energy which comes from the food you eat and the air you breathe. When you breathe from the navel, these two Chi's will connect and combine. Some people think that they know what Chi is, but they really don't. Once you connect the two Chi's, you will know what the real Chi is, and you may become a real man, which means to attain the Tao.

Playing the fool to regain harmony

Shape Tracing Worksheets

In Healthy Living Gong, we can also use the Five Element theory to help us choose the right exercise to work on a specific problem. So to make the liver stronger, we can do Collecting Qi to the Dantian. If you want to make your kidneys stronger, then you can do Old Tree with Winding Roots and Looking for Treasure at the Bottom of the Chest.

Qigong for the Lungs

Horse Stance Exercise

About your coughing, it sounds as if you have a dry type of coughing which means there is not enough lubrication in your lungs. First, I recommend that you do Horse Stance after you have finished with your other Qigong practise. You can also do it in the morning or afternoon, separately as well. This will make your kidneys stronger. Kidneys are in charge of producing and distributing fluid in the body. If the kidneys are weak, then there will not be enough fluid in the body and the lungs will be affected, because even lungs need moisture to function well. Although the Balancing Gong is very good, it is still quite Yin and you need something stronger to bring up the Qi in the body. That is why I say to do Horse Stance because it is very powerful and will heal the problem.

Sixth Piece

Exercise Strengthen Kidney Chinese

Discussion The kidneys, which are beneath the two major back muscles, are the residence of Original Jing (Yuan Jing). When the kidneys are healthy and strong, your Original Jing is retained and strengthened. Only when your kidneys are strong will they be able to generate Original Qi (Yuan Qi) and enliven your body. When you bend forward and use your hands to hold your feet, you are tensing the back muscles and restricting the flow of Qi in the area of the kidneys. When you release this pressure, the Qi flow will resume, removing any Qi stagnation. This When you are bent over you are lightly stressing your whole body, and in particular you are stimulating your kidneys. When you straighten up and extend your arms, your mind is thinking of stretching out to your hands and feet. This action of the mind and body leads the Qi out to all your tendons. When you are bent over, part of your attention (and part of the Qi from your kidneys) is drawn to your sacrum. The Qi will enter the spine...

Cosmic Inner Smile

Cosmic Healing

The kidneys and bladder correspond to the blue color of the water element. Gentleness is contained within the blue healing light. Inhale the blue aura into the kidneys. Expel feelings of fear or stress on breathing out. Allow your energy field to expand, breathing in and out the blue energy 18-36 times, until it starts to radiate out from your kidneys to your ears, eyes, tongue, mouth and nose. Gather the blue mist on your skin enveloping you with a blue aura.

Hendon Seminar

As I am not a Chinese medical doctor, I can only answer your questions based upon my over twenty-five years of Qigong training and experience and let you decide for yourself. I would agree that your kidneys seem to be not as strong as they should. Based upon the Five-Element theory, each of our five major internal organs relates to an emotion and the emotion for kidneys is fear. The five major internal organs are also called the hollow organs, as they are the storehouses for energy. The kidneys are the holders of Jing which is first type of energy produced when we do Qigong exercises. If we deplete our Jing, working too hard, having too much sexual intercourse, then our kidneys will be weakened and the body will then show such emotional symptoms as fear and insecurity and such physical symptoms as lower back pain, aching in the joints, hair and hearing loss.

Metal White Cool

Smile at your Kidneys When your Qi Energy overflows from your liver, send it to your kidneys. All day long and every day your kidneys are working for you, filtering and cleansing the fluids in your body. This is an opportunity to thank your kidneys and to give them your love and care. Directing your energy with your mind, send the smiling, loving, energy to your kidneys. Think of and activate the following correspondences of your kidneys.

Groaning Bladder

As you slowly breathe in and out, hold your smiling energy in your kidneys and send them your love. Hold your mind there. Let your kidneys fill with smiling energy until they overflow. *************** When your Qi Energy overflows from your kidneys, send it to your Spleen (and its associated organ, the Pancreas - referred to sometimes together as Spleen-Pancreas).

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