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Among the earliest students of Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai was a young man who studied orthodox Western medicine and then specialized in dentistry. His name was Yu Yong Nian.

Yu Yong Nian was born in 1920, after completing his initial schooling he was sent for specialist medical education in Japan. At 21 he was graduated from the University of Tokyo and returned in China. From then he started to work for the Beijing Railway General Hospital. Three years later, exhausted from the long, constant hours of dental practice, he began training under Grand Master Wang Xiang Zhai. In 1944 Dr. Yu started to learn zhan zhuang and after nine years of training he introduced aspects of Zhan Zhuang as treatment for internal diseases in his hospital. His successes led to a major medical conference in 1950 at the Beijing Capital Number Three Hospital to introduce Zhan Zhuang system to hospitals throughout China.

"When I was training in the park under Master Wang Xiang Zhai," Doctor Yu later recalled, "he would tell me to pull the tree towards me and push it back. This was from a distance and I could not imagine how I could possibly do that! Only after long practice did I begin to feel the connection with the tree. Then I began to understand his words." During more than 60 years of practice and exploration, Dr. Yu has constantly done researches on the curative effects of Zhan Zhuang as well as its martial applications.

Today Dr. Yu is considered as the world's leading authority of Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung and is still continuing his invaluable contribution to the development of Zhan Zhuang and Yiquan.

The invaluable contribution of Dr. Yu in Dachengquan is also expressed in the success and the popularity of his students such as Lam Kam Chuen,

The first books that Dr. Yu wrote were written in collaboration with Wang Xiang Zhai himself, later Wang empowered Dr. Yu to continue his research on zhan zhuang, at that time Dr. Yu integrated progressively his own touch and approach in his following books.

This book is his fifth book published on Zhan Zhuang and is integrating all the previous four books with the results of his latest research.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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