Monitoring decompression method

There is a method which can explain more concretely the effects of ZZ to the human body: it is the "monitoring decompression method". Let's describe this method.

Start your post standing, lift both hands, both elbows separated from ribs, keeping suitable angle, upper limbs assuming "holding object" or "pushing-lifting" posture. As you are holding this posture, your upper limbs should reveal three points:

- reduction of the natural pressuring force issued by two arms on lungs,

- increase of endurance and power for muscles of arms and forearms,

- existence of physical strain for thoracic muscles and nerves under this supportive posture.

Ordinary everyone does not pay attention to the oppressive pressure that arms inflict to lungs but with this decompression method it becomes really obvious.

Another exercise: starting your standing posture, two feet shoulder wide apart, two arms alongside the body, then slightly lift right hand, place it under shoulder level and in front of chest, right elbow bent as holding an object; muscles of right shoulder should be relaxed, do not use force or raise right shoulder. Left hand is naturally dropping down and not moving.

At the same time especially concerning you can appreciate the differences between left and right lungs count silently deep breathing cycles, especially in terms of quantity of air sucked, oppressive feeling and relaxation feeling, etc.

It becomes obvious that the quantity of air sucked by right lung is sucked more air than left lung did and in your right side of your chest you feel more flexible, more freedom with an unusual sensation of well being. In the opposite your left side (dropping hand), you sucked less air and realize the existing pressure on left lung generating oppression feeling. Just inverse lifting side and you will find out that these sensations are also inverted.

We can see that through this simple exercise ordinary people aren't aware about situation where they are inflicting themselves oppression and tension and that ZZ precisely suppresses but also helps to gain strength/endurance in upper arms and allows lungs to extend their lungs function.

In daily life we can observe how we feel more comfortable sitting on a large arm chair than on a wooden stool. The reason is that both hands are supported by arms (of the chair) in the first case, separating your elbows from yours ribs. The comparison stops here because sitting on these arm chairs you will no develop any strength and endurance of higher limbs.

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