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Although trees do not move, they keep on growing endlessly, cumulating massiveness and strength during all their life.

This is probably how, inspired by this amazing property of the Nature, in Ancient China, the training method of Zhan zhuang (standing pole or standing post) was created at the time where China mostly depending on its agriculture.

Around 2700 years ago, the famous Chinese philosopher «Guan Zi}> wrote:

If your upper (body) does not (reflect) any principle, if your lower (body) is not substantial, do not run like a horse, do not fly like a bird.

Do not move until (acquiring) the object, observe what it follows, if you move then you will deviate from it, inside calmness you will gain it...

We will see in the following parts of this book how accurate Guan Zi was already describing Zhan Zhuan training method.

Later another famous philosopher «Lao Zi }> provides also a very interesting description of Zhan zhuang.

Stand by yourself and hold (your posture), observe the Wonderful... Promote (internal) circulation untiringly, then watch it arouses...

(Laozi - Dao De Jing - Chapter 1 and Chapter 25)

This description of standing method is a very close description of Zhan zhuang's training method.

Later in the Classic TCM reference {Huang Di Nei Jing} we can find again some concrete reference and explanation to Zhan zhuang.

Lift and support Heaven and Earth, Grasp Yin and Yang, Breathing deeply air, Stand and meditate profoundly, (All) muscles (unified) as one.

So traditionally Zhan zhuang" s method had different names such "Do not move until the object', "Stand by yourself and hold (your posture)", "Stand and meditate profoundly" ... but all bearing the same and identical method of training.

Today Zhan zhuang is not only the basic technique in martial arts but it is also an powerful way of healing used for medical treatment.

According to clinical experimentation and tests, there are many kinds of chronic diseases such as chronic tracheitis, chronic gastroenteritis, chronic hepatitis, cardiopathy, high blood pressure, neurasthenic, chronic rheumatoid arthritis and similar rheumatoid arthritis, but also diseases which may affect severely the appearance of the patient's body such as adipoma, goiter, fingers shivering, etc. may reveal unbelievable beneficial effects after Zhang zhuang practice.

The most important characteristic of Zhan zhuang as healing method is that there is no side-effect.

There is no side effect because it is not necessary in Zhan zhuang to enter absolutely stillness, you don't need neither to control or adjust your breath, it is not also required to keep your attention in the Dantian area or conduct your Qi according to the Large or small Heavenly Circulation.

What you need is just a place with good sunshine and fresh air, no matter if it is indoor or outdoor, assume your posture, stand and do not move, like immobilized, breath naturally, your whole body keeps a general state "relaxed but not slack, contracted but not rigid".

Post standing method includes a large number of postures, but the method in itself is quite easily accessible, and your training time can also be adjusted by yourself, in general practitioners start from 5 minutes and increase it progressively up to one hour.

In fact men, women, senior and junior generations, all can practice Zhan zhuang according to their own situation, at any time and any place.

From the medical point of view, human body has its own defense mechanisms to withstand effects external factors or any viral or bacterial agent etc...

The integrated body system of organs, tissues, cells, and cell products such as antibodies that differentiates self from nonself and neutralizes potentially pathogenic organisms or substances is called immune system and constitutes for example a vivid expression of this ability.

But everyone's immune system is different and even for a same person, it may response differently according to the time and place.

But when your immune system is declining all these millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins, parasites, etc. previously eliminated and contained by it, progressively find their way to harm your body.

Why post standing can cure diseases and build stronger body? It is because through its specific system of training, all the physiological and psychological functions of the body are gaining in adjustment, strength and enhancement.

Nourishing your blood

During Zhan zhuang, your four limbs are maintaining a single posture i.e. angles between them are unchanging, but this requires a constant contracting/relaxing process between muscles and bones, accordingly this will mobilize larger and smaller blood vessels, promoting a better blood circulation in the whole body.

In the same time, muscles are also great benefiting from this higher irrigation. This will mainly be manifested in hands and feet where you will experience tingling and swelling feeling, but also on the skin some sensations such as ants climbing, warmness and sweat etc.

After one hour of Zhan zhuang the composition of your blood may sensibly change:

- up to 1520 000 additional erythrocytes (red blood cells) per cm3 of blood, up to 3650 additional hemoleukocytes (white blood cells) per cm3 of blood, up to 3.2 gram of additional hemoglobin per cm3 of blood.

More Oxygen

Red blood cells are able to carry oxygen so efficiently because of haemoglobin they contain. In fact, it is the haemoglobin that is responsible for the colour of the red blood cell.

As blood passes through the lungs, the haemoglobin picks up oxygen (up to 97%), because of the increased oxygen pressure in the capillaries of the lungs, and can then release this oxygen to body cells where the oxygen pressure in the tissues is lower. In addition, the red blood cells can pick up the waste product, carbon dioxide, some of which is carried by the haemoglobin (at a different site from where it carries the oxygen), while the rest is dissolved in the plasma.

All this explains how important this increase of hemoglobin can directly impact the quantity of oxygen in your body.

With this additional amount of oxygen brought to your organ systems, you will be in a special state of relaxation and well being.

A further action of this slight stimulation is to promote a much better quality of the cerebral cortex excitation.

In others words this stimulation acts on the highest level of the nervous system and the region most closely associated with thought. the cerebral cortex.

It is precisely the readjustment of this cortex excitement which will support the recovering process.

This is why Zhan zhuang has particularly good results in treating neurasthenia, arthritis, angina, cirrhosis, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Better nerve excitation

Headache, sleeplessness and mental fatigue are symptoms of neurasthenia and others chronic diseases currently not easily curable by conventional medicine.

Human sleep seems to have much in common with that of other mammals. It occurs regularly each day, largely under the influence of the 24h circadian rhythm. There is a typical body posture, a specific place to sleep, other behaviors and physical activity cease, the eyes close, and there is a generalized reduction in sensory awareness. The organ showing the clearest changes during sleep compared with relaxed wakefulness, is the brain. This is particularly obvious in the electroencephalogram (EEG), the brains electrical activity. Focusing on the brain in this way is appropriate in other respects, as not only does the brain contain the control mechanisms of sleep, but of all the body's organs, it is the brain and its behavior (especially the cerebral cortex) for which sleep seems to be the most vital.

Human sleep is immediately affected by the quality of cerebral cortex excitation. Insomnia symptoms include migraine, dizziness affecting your daytime functioning, such as difficulty concentrating or irritability. the patient facing all these symptoms can be effectively treated by practicing Zhan zhuang exercise.

When he will be able to assume Zhan zhuang during 30 to 40 minutes without any interruption, effects will be more obvious: due to the enhancement of blood circulation and the increase of general metabolism in the body, these symptoms of headache, dizziness or general fatigue, will disappear and in the same time he will feel very relaxed in his mental, his chest and will experience an ineffable feeling of comfortable feeling of well being.

We have many cases of patients who were suffering soreness around the head before training, experienced the feeling of having their head very light after their training.

If they can still increase their standing training session than the curative effects will go even more deeply, working on the roots of the pathology.

Under the postural adjustment provided by Zhan zhuang and sufficient training period, not only the Central Nervous System but also the Peripheral Nervous System will benefit from this better signal excitation. signal transmitted with faster switching, larger amplitudes and lower level of noise.

Recommended for cardiovascular patients

According to conventional medicine point of view, patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases should not practice athletic sports as it is very difficult to define the quantity of physical effort they should be submitted to: the resulting acceleration of heart rate and suffocation may not simply be bearable to them.

But in Zhan zhuang you do not have these inconveniences: you can control precisely the level of physical effort through the posture itself or by selecting the appropriate posture: in this way patients of cardiovascular disease are very safe when practicing Zhan zhuang and enjoy its healing benefits.

Better breathing

In Zhan zhuang, when both hands are assuming a showing lifting-holding posture, in the same time the pressure naturally generated by both shoulders on lungs is immediately suppressed and this will allow both lungs to increase naturally their vital capacity. During post standing process, you improve your breathing ability: you will see yourself with larger movements of thoracic muscles while installing a natural abdominal breathing.

This type of natural abdominal breathing is without any side-effect (in comparison with others which do have some) and can strongly massage intestines and stomach, curing from constipation, strengthening digestive and excretive functions. And the recovery of these basic functions will lead patients to gain rapidly a strong and rejuvenating body, but also readjusting situations of overweight or anemia.

The premature aging of vital functions is often resulting from many years lacking of physical activity. Persistent practitioners of Zhan zhuang will slow down aging process and will be often remarked as looking younger than people of the same age.

When we become adult the heart's function of blood transportation will decrease around 1% every year, so that when we reach the age of 60, the speed of blood flowing from both arms to both legs will be 30%-40% slower then when we were 20.

At 70, nerves will transmit information with a speed slower from 10% to 15% compared with their optimal speed.

But this current aging process affecting senior generations is closely related to the physical effort they are involved in.

In practicing Zhan zhuang they will regain better ability to maintain calmness and decrease their heart rate while promoting on each heart pulse much blood through out the body.

If they persist in post standing and its complementary techniques, this will improve their general blood circulation and breathing function, the enhancement of contractive muscles involved in these exercises, will help to protect joints from sudden injuries or damages, avoiding cirrhosis, in the same time their body will be able to fix more calcium and will reduce the process of bone loss.

We have just described previously some specific therapeutic applications of Zhan Zhuang, everyday there are numbers of practitioners in the World who are discovering new benefits of this amazing exercise and there are such large areas of research which are already profiling and would request the contribution of practitioners and scientific specialists to continue its development for the well being of the whole humanity.

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