Relationship between sport and medicine

Human body's structure and functions are not invariable entities, the more you use a muscle the more it will develop, the more you practice a sensorial function the more it will become acute, in a word the physical condition of human body can be modified.

It is scientifically proven that all medicaments on the world can't replace the effect of relevant practice of physical exercise. Physical activity and training can transform weak body into strong one, strong body into even stronger one. Physical training can bring benefits to each aspect related to human's health, therefore constitutes its most precious treasure. You cannot acquire a stronger body by just "taking care" of it, so the only way to build it up is physical exercise.

By combining with favorable psychological conditions such as higher combative willingness, optimism, self involvement in learning process, daily work out... all these parameters integrated in a comprehensive physical training program are offering to your body extremely favorable conditions to strengthen it, preventing it from diseases while increasing its efficiency in working environment and certainly prolongs its life. Scientific experts have clearly demonstrated that it is the lack of physical exercises which is the origin of various diseases such as those related to overweight, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, high blood pressure, gastric ulcer, etc... all belonging to the category of "modern" diseases. Because of this lack of physical exercise, cardiac, pulmonary and digestive functions, but also the whole body's metabolism function will gradually decline faster than the natural course, vascular elasticity weakening this will decrease the resistance against many diseases. So if any senior or any patient with a weaker body, wants to gain a healthy life: he needs physical power: he should train according to a suitable physical training program including progressive steps in building up physical power.

A rational physical training can improve the whole body's physical conditions, strengthening nerve central system and each physiological function, even enhancing its adaptability in front of unfavorable external environmental conditions, increasing its overall resistance and repulsing illness. In case of patient suffering from chronic disease, it may reduce significantly his pathology and symptoms associated. The preventive aspect of physical exercise constitutes certainly one of its most interesting ones.

Physical training under medical treatment is currently used nowadays: the patient needs to get involved in a physical training program with the objectives to improve his pathology, his general health and prolong consequently his life. These curative treatments through self involvement of patients present significant advantages, the psychological positive factors such as motivation, sensation of after effort, etc... all are extremely valuable factors for the patient to recover or at least improve his pathology during his physical training program.

Each type of physical exercises has its own characteristics and required its specific condition of training. Therefore I believe that for the well being of mankind, medical researches are and should be in the way to evaluate each type of physical exercises through its physiological characteristics, as accurately as possible under strict medical or scientific conditions, so that for the whole community could have a better understanding of its possible application in terms of treatment or complement to treatment. Once medically tested and analyzed, this physical exercise can be prescribed to demanding patients for more effective and valuable medical treatment effect which may be even combined with any conventional medical treatment.

Sport medicine is a burgeoning domain of medical science. With its dual aspect, it represents undoubtedly a very promising future but also one of the most challenging as its impact may reach any aspect of medical science.

Although we are consulting a therapist in the most cases for disease treatment, an even more important task should be preventing from disease. "Preventing first" is part of China's main guideline in the elaboration of its national health and welfare policy. The idea is quite simplistic, however it makes sense for the most populous country in the world to control from their roots as much as possible the development of diseases. It is very easy to figure out even from the example of any simple patient how much he will save time, pain, efforts and money if he can eradicate his illness from the starting stage of development. Now it is also very easy to figure out the incidence for the scale of a whole country...

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