Practicing sitting post

In sitting post the amount of physical effort is bigger than in lying post, but smaller than in standing post. Therefore it is suitable for patients who can stand up and move freely but still cannot stand for too long time. As you can easily understand sitting post can be practice too in addition to standing post as an auxiliary exercise.

Sitting post is also a precious exercise for those who work in office or studying and use to spend time in sitting position. They can use the Fifth form of Sitting Post, legs straight but hands continuing to perform their daily duties: this can be great help for them to revivify and clarify their mind thus enhancing efficiency in their work (studies).

111.2.1 Large cane chair post

Large cane chair has a large seat, two comfortable armchairs and a high back. For this reason large cane chair is suitable for weak body practitioner. The two armchairs can support both arms in their embracing posture, reducing the amount of effort for sustaining at a same level. Waist and lower back can also lean on its back. Both legs stretching, heels touching ground, toes lifted up. After a certain period of training, your whole body will gain in strength so that you can change to the Common chair post

111.2.2 Common chair post

Seat is still large, no armchairs and an ordinary chair back. Lower back and waist are leaning on the chair back but higher back and shoulders are separated from it to involve more training from the upper body. After sufficient training you can change to the Stool post.

111.2.3 Stool post

Now during your sitting post you can only rely on yourself to hold your upper body posture, to sustain your arms and support your spine vertically.

You can use for this purpose a stool (with large seat) or even a hard mattress, sitting at the edge of the chair or the mattress. Knee crease is touching the edge of the chair (or mattress) as to support the vertical position of legs.

At the end of your sitting post, drop your hands, sit quietly and rest for 3 to 5 minutes, wait that any sensation of tingling, swelling, aching or pain disappear completely from your legs before standing up.

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