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"Form" refers to the posture angle in your post; "mind" refers to the mental activity. "Form", "mind" and the uninterrupted training time are the three basic parameters which will help you to define the quantity of physical strain.

We are going to present the six forms of form/mind combination. IV.5.1 Empty mind/ light form

Empty mind is vacuity from any mind activity; light form refers to a slight bending angle below 10 cm. Upper limbs are also involved in a light bending strain.

This form/mind combination is suitable for beginners for its ability to control power requested in exercise.

IV. 5.2 Empty mind/ intense form

After progressive training, you will reach and exceed 10 cm of legs bending degree but still without any addition of mental activity.

IV. 5.3 Light mind/ light form

Light mind is addressing to two types of practitioners:

- the first one concerns the patient in medical treatment who is just restraining any mental activity,

- the other type concerns a healthy practitioner training moderately his resting during muscles contraction/relaxation exercise.

If the beginner has difficulties to focus on during his exercise in this case Empty mind/empty form is suitable.

IV. 5.4 Light mental activity and intense form

When in post standing you are assuming a low limbs bending angle and coordinate it with partial or starting mental activity in his muscles contraction/relaxation exercise, to increase quantity of physical strain. This combination is more suitable for the one who has already good basis and is increasing substantially strain, not suitable for beginners with weak body or patients.

IV. 5.5 Intense mental activity and light form

Here you are using high-level mental activity, fully interconnecting body, stretching tendons and pulling-hanging activity. In post standing, first four limbs bending degrees are relatively small, the combining with mental activity, you are increasing them gradually. This combination is just suitable for healthy practitioners.

IV.5.6 Intense mental activity and intense form

During your post standing, you are increasing progressively and significantly four limbs' bending angles; in the other hand you are also gradually strengthening your mental activity. This combination is only suitable for healthy, strong body and experimented practitioners.

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