Lean and kick method

Lean and kick method trains shank muscles contraction/relaxation in forward-backward movement. This is an important training method to set up your basic preparation for Issuing force movement.

Example: Let's start with T-eight standing post (Figure 3-24). Assume your posture, use your rear ankle joint as principal axe, to slightly lean backward and descend/sit for about 5-10 cm (below normal standing), all your weight placed onto rear foot. Now rear sole and calf muscles are stamping forcefully and kicking on the ground, propelling slowly your body forward, back to its starting position. At this time front sole tramples and kicks forcefully, shank is lifting and pulling upward, knees should be pointing forward. Keeps both knees expanding, hip twisting inward, belly slightly withdrawn and anus retracted, avoid from bending waist, do not stick up buttocks, trunk vertical. Repeat this leaning, sitting and kicking exercise until you'll get tired.

Beginners cannot fulfill all these requests, they should only practice slightly Lean and kick exercise and correct gradually their posture, deeper their mental activity as a very good basis for Issuing Force movement.

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