Squat and kick method

Squat and kick method trains leg muscle contraction/relaxation in upward and downward movement. All healing posts can be coordinate doing slight squat and kick foot.

Now let's start with Expanding and Embracing post standing (figure 3-21) for example: after assume posture, body slightly leaning forward, heel slightly leaving ground, all your weight placed on your soles, squat: (from normal standing) lower hips for about 5-10 cm, and after both soles average stamping with equal force on the ground, raise slowly, after a little rest, squat again, stamp and stand up.

You can repeat now this squatting/standing exercise until you'll get tired.

Pay attention that in your squatting/standing movement to keep the trunk vertical, do not bend waist, nor stick out belly. In the beginning start each session by squatting 5-10 times and gradually increase to 20, 30, 50 times or even more.

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