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Linking activity is even a higher level form of mental activity during contraction/relaxation exercise than the previous ones. It requires all parts of whole body resting muscles to interconnect as learnt in previous level, but now they are required to behave a unique entity, freely stretching tendon, mentally enlarging the internal amplitude, extending force, as interconnecting to some external objects in front of your body. Now it is precisely this link between your body and some external objects which should be contracting than relaxing after contracting again, and so on.continuously alternating without exaggeration (to avoid oxygen debt) contraction/relaxation, combination, stretching tendon and linking activities. I repeat again "without exaggeration" to strictly avoid suffocation. This is extremely important to strengthen your imagination and to prepare your mental for combat.

Even more crucial than previous level, you should have perfectly master all previous levels of mental activity: Pure contraction/relaxation, Combination activity, Stretching tendon activity before practicing Linking activity otherwise you will not be able to reach this refined level of excitation in your mental which is absolutely necessary to succeed in linking activity.

Let me present you now the training method of Linking activity: Assume your post, standing in font of a tree or a wall, imagine that it is your opponent, your mind is enlarging, force extending, the extremity of your index (or hand) is like connecting to this external object, linking and combining with it: that means that you are pulling the tree here, and after pushing it back.

You should be like able to issue force as "penetrating your opponent's back while harming him externally there". During this time "roots" of upper limbs, i.e. shoulder's muscles should relax but extremities of hand and finger should be "contracting".

At a further step of practice you can use your neck into linking and combination activities with external objects.

After this step you can imagine at a distance between 1 to 3 meters, being like far but in the same time quite close some dangerous predators, such as viper or beast of prey or in front of powerful and huge opponent, you are striving for survival this is called "Facing opponent inducement" training, and is among the highest level of mental activity in ZZ exercise.

Here are the specific requests:

Local parts of body request:

Sole stepping onto the ground, heel slightly lifted, sole like a spring, avoid ankle from shaking otherwise body will quiver.

Both knees expanding, buttock tight and leg twisted, anus and belly (retracted as in) inspiration, hip twisting and crotch wrapping.

Back and waist keep vertical, chest slightly withdrawn, shoulder expanding and elbow horizontal, wrist hooking and finger pointing.

Head and neck all erecting, mouth open and jaws withdrawn, hair like pointing up, teeth like chewing.

Whole body request:

Whole body swelling, force rushing to a distant place, linking with all-around, each hair pointing as a halberd. Form is bending then force is straight, Form relaxing then mental should keep contracting, Relaxing but not slacking off, Contracting but not stiffening.

Mental request:

Spirit of raging tiger, Mental of evasive snake.

Spiritual verve:

As a rooster in combat, spreading wings.

As a fish fighting meeting it opponent, turning its gill and erecting. As a winning cricket relaxing wings, grasping claws and shaking body.

As a wild horse galloping, its body burnt by a raging fire.

As a cyclone blowing off trees, raising them from ground and then them spreading out.

Under the slightest touch, bursting immediately, explosive power undisrupted from combat posture.

Regarding these requests, it is evident that in the beginning it is impossible to fulfill all of them, even one of them. This can't also be achieved within a short time, all these very particular requests require just consequent practice.

In your training, you should first from immobility, experience all parts of whole body muscle in contraction and relaxation estate, linking with external objects and appreciating the relevancy of interconnection between body and these objects.

Sensing with "finesse" up/down/left/right, inside/outside/front/back, mutually interlinking each other, mutually leaning on each other, restrict with each other, regrouping/dispersing, local/unified, internal/external. In the further step it is again from jiggling you will realize from motion to immobility, from immobility to motion, when moving you are like non-moving, when non-moving you are like moving. When moving it should be without discontinuity, when non-moving internal forces should be symmetrical, when non-moving don't be reductive, when jiggling you should prolong link/exchange with external object. Seeking the cause of your move, and not seeking the effect of your move, tranquility inside your move, movement inside your tranquility, you have simultaneously hard/soft, false/real and contraction/relaxation all integrated.

Zhan Zhuang is the way to reach from non-moving fast moving, from clumsiness agility, from tranquility power, from common uncommon, with forms its root, and it is a training method using extensively your mental.

Quantity of physical strain in ZZ should be developed through following axes:

- from beginner level to high level,

- from local parts to whole body,

- from internal of body to external of body,

- from quantitative change to qualitative change,

- from shallow to deep, gradually developing,

- follow in order and advance step by step.

Post standing allows you to practice muscles, strengthen your physique, train nerves, develop high mental functions, transform physiological functions and elevate your spirit.

The way of post standing is constantly improve your technical abilities, invigorating your interest and releasing constantly its unexpected charm, combination of physical and mental practice: it the way to develop body/mind without any limit.

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