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Relaxation is a conscious mental activity largely discussed in internal disciplines; however I would like to inform you that the concept of relaxation in Dachengquan is completely different from those you may expect in any other discipline.

Achieving a relaxed state requires much a dynamic training that any common slacking or passive method.

Concrete relaxation process is initiated from the conscious monitoring of some parts of the body, following and examining by yourself the physical exertion produced by each fiber of these muscles.

Progressively through this conscious command of contraction/relaxation of resting muscles, you will improve and refine their responsiveness, contractive ability and of course their relaxation ability. Once your muscles are more familiar to their deeper relaxation state, in return your brain functions will also improve and understand from their side a deeper relaxation state.

Usually as muscles have not been trained properly and even assuming your ZZ you are not conscious about all contractions and nerve excitation that they are submitted to.

In the contrary if the muscle can relax under shorter and more precise time, you will gain in endurance and general power. After shortening its relaxation cycle, it has more time to relax and regenerate itself. This will improve the energy consumption during a similar physical strain and increase its limits.

Applying this theory in post standing, you can rapidly verify that any beginner in ZZ has a very stiff body and can hardly enter any tranquility, as a result he will get tired very quickly.

So in Zhan zhuang, the very first task to execute is to interiorize and inspect all concerned muscles in their relaxation, contraction, even every state of contraction cycle and relaxation cycles. This first approach of relaxation will build up your foundation to further "Entering Stillness". From this basis, you can combine with these following relaxation methods with mental inducement:

V.1.1 Mind relaxation

Mind relaxation is a preparative phase before exercising properly ZZ. It is also recommended that just that before post standing you should try your best to leave out your daily concerns and any emotional feeling.

Mind relaxation also is very important in all the ZZ training process and constitutes the most important path to built confidence and assiduity in your practice.

We all know that reaching durable peace of mind in not something so easy to achieve. Some beginners due to a lack of self confidence will even feel very long only one minute of Zhan zhuang, as their mind is easily distracted and invaded by mixed thoughts or feelings. In this point they cannot relax their mind and gain a state of tranquility.

But if they can persevere on daily ZZ training, after 3-4 weeks any sensation of soaring, tingling, swelling or pain will disappear and replaced by a broader feeling of relaxation and well being which will gradually stabilize their mental state. At this level each session he will be able to stand 40-60 minutes without feeling the time especially long, he will be naturally be able to focus his mind instead of any previous confusion or unstable state. This is the state of mind relaxation.

Mind relaxation can improve some internal factors that may induced in a long terms some diseases. For example emotional stress overload, affliction, excitability, anxiety, fears etc.

There are various pathologies which are initiated from the mental then triggered by environmental factors including anticipatory responses to words or other forms of language.

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