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Mind refers to the collective aspects of intellect and consciousness which are manifest in some combination of thought, perception, emotion, will, memory and imagination. The mind is the result of the activity of the brain. Modern technology can actually see which portions of the brain are more functional in relationship to certain thoughts, i.e., the mind, but also to for example sensory and motor information (IV. 1.2 Brain mapping for Upper limbs/Lower limbs).

Consciousness refers to the quality or state of being aware. As applied to the lower animals, consciousness refers to the capacity for sensation and, usually, simple volition. In higher animals, this capacity may also include thinking and emotion. In human beings, consciousness is understood to include "meta-awareness," an awareness that one is aware. The term also refers broadly to the upper level of mental life of which the person is aware, as contrasted with unconscious processes. Levels of consciousness (e.g., attention vs. sleep) are correlated with patterns of electrical activity in the brain (brain waves).

Mental activity in Zhan zhuang is a conscious activity of the collective functions which refers to mind, but also helps the practitioner to develop progressively higher level of consciousness in collaboration with the specific physical straining of Dachengquan.

To achieve this goal, Dachengquan separates mental activities into two categories: control/monitoring and excitation.

In the beginning of ZZ training: the practitioner should rather use a control/monitoring mental activity, to cultivate his relaxation ability and suppress generation of random thoughts, gaining better control of his cortex-based Central nerve system, especially recommended for medical treatment and healing.

For people with good physical condition, the contraction/relaxation training of resting muscles, increasing the physical exertion during exercise and progressively converting "resting" muscles in "working". This specific training will gradually strengthen body's functions and optimize his sensorial information system (human body structure). Muscles contraction/relaxation in daily movement involve a mental activity will help to synthesize the complete training process they are submitted to. In the same time this mental activity will also determine what kind of kinetics of physical exertion is concerned by this contraction/relaxation process.

In the very most current situation it will be the First Kinetics physical exercise involving working muscles, it is this category which animals movements are also falling into.

The second category is what I call the Second Kinetics of physical movement which is involved resting working. It is only through rigorous and assiduous training that you can master it.

Involving resting muscles instead of working muscles is fundamentally different and that's what will generate all the major uncommon properties of the Second Kinetics system.

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