Sexual Energies and Self Development

While touched upon only briefly in the present text, Professor Pang has expounded elsewhere in much greater depth upon the importance of nur turing and directing one's sexual energies in the course of undertaking the practice of Zhineng Qigong.

The importance of vigilance and care in directing the course of one's sexual energies is paramount. Whereas the common world view of this domain emerges from a concept of fragmentation - as it does with regard to all areas of life - and conceives of reproductive energies as separate and self-contained, with only negligible or peripheral impact on the body-forces proper, the view presented by an entirety-perspective yields a radically different picture.

The sexual and reproductive forces are, in fact, intimately connected with and primary to the integrity of the total energy field of a person, as directly as is a well to a pump. This system provides the root forces which, through a sequence of deeply subtle transmutations and transformations, eventually become our generic life-energy or chi. While there are various complex and ingenious traditional solutions to the challenge of conserving these core energies while still maintaining a life of natural sexual relations - and while the very word 'natural' has itself come to represent many things alien to its essential meaning, due to the severely eroded connection of modern man with primal nature, the safest initial course in these areas is simply a sustained conservation and sublimation of these forces for the purpose of enhancing the body's reservoirs of root energy, or vital essence.

A wisdom not easily accepted or assimilated by those for whom instinctual sexual satisfaction, sensory pleasures, and shared physical intimacy have provided the major gratification, incentive and meaning in life, the idea of harboring the sexual essence may bring forth a distinct rebellion from one's inner being. Even so, such a periodic redirection of these energies may lend a man or woman unexpected internal prowess in a number of unsuspected areas, but this is a matter more for personal exploration and less for specific promises of one kind or another.

This need not be misconstrued as a life-sentence of monasticism or self-denial, but rather an invitation to come into conformity with obscured natural laws by which mankind may harmonize itself with the cyclic progression of nature and the cosmos - not by enforced celibacy and private frustration, but by the participation in seasonally and energetically sensitive relations which respect both human need and human capacity. A deeper study will yield the realization that sexual and reproductive forces and relations ebb and flow in sympathetic resonance to larger natural and cosmological cycles which deeply impact human bio-rhythms and vitality.

Also, it is important to bear in mind that, for those in contemporary Western culture whose entire lives have been openly or subliminally subject to the unceasing persuasions and pressures of mass media and marketing strategies which repeatedly and relentlessly target these vulnerable dynamics in human nature for one's own exploitation, there is a distinct disadvantage already built into their psychic conditioning with regard to sex. In such people, amongst whom may be counted the great majority of Westerners, the pristineness of original sexuality has long been eradicated and replaced by the strategized cosmetic sexualism so rampant in our era. The truly and gently erotic has largely been infected by the manifestly and violently neurotic, and what was once the most natural and chaste of human expressions is in danger of becoming the most unnatural and corrupt.

Further, aside from the immediate enhancements to one's own life and practice, the adoption of a certain respectful distance from the immediacy of sexuality - either one's own or that of others - is the freeing of one's psychic and spiritual energies from compulsive reliance upon the energies of others - either in order to fulfill one's own needs, or the expressed needs of others. In this way, if one does come to choose a life of sexual activity, it may be done in a more conscious and discerning manner, and without the burden of a routine obligation or the drain of unceasing imperative.

Lastly, with the sensitive pruning and watering of this tree of sexuality, it is possible for new outbranchings of heightened aliveness, feeling, perception, insight, empathy and creativity which one might never have imagined, to emerge and blossom.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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