The Cultivation Of Intelligent Energy

A Universal Offering

We - ordinary mortals for the most part - cannot be assured of finding just the perfect shaman; nor can we embark to the foothills of the Himalayas on a quest for the ultimate guru; we cannot be assured of the timely descent of the Holy Spirit - which falls and withdraws with alarming unpredictability, like a thief in the night - for the resolution of our needs; nor are we wise to depend upon the ever-burgeoning crop of premature psychics and soothsayers who are all too quick to attribute cosmic and fkarmicf dimensions to our personal sufferings - as if the source of creation had any need at all of its creatures' penitential agonies. And indeed, if there are lessons to be learned through such suffering, why should not such lessons be learned in a brief and telling moment - rather than a lifetime, allowing us then to heal, and to continue the adventure of life?

Respect and Compassion: Love in Action

It is obvious that a spirit of profound mutual support and cooperation embraces the shared environment of Zhineng Qigong practice. From one young Chinese woman, a Ph.D. research assistant, comes the following heartfelt description of life at the Center:

I love the idea of sharing love and compassion with all the students. In the 24-day and 50-day healing classes, we treat the students as if they were our own fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters. This loving chi, dominated by a clear healing intention, fills all of the Healing Center and results in amazing healing effects on the four to five thousand students. While in the Training Center, 16 training programs are available for the students of diverse levels.

We also share the love and brotherhood with the students taking the training programs. But, instead of healing, this loving chi is dominated by the clear intention to help the students to master various skills and abilities. Because students should first rid themselves of their illnesses at the Healing Center, they are then qualified to take training programs. Although the movements of every practice are the same, there are different requirements and strategies for those students wishing to be healed and those wishing to be trained, respectively.

While not a panacea, Zhineng Qigong does, at the very least, offer its participants the opportunity to address their destinies with their own hands, to set out upon a quest leading them in the direction of their own life-force, a quest which has been successfully executed by hundreds of thousands of prior travelers, and whose success they may eventually share. Without gurus, religious agendas or pecking orders, but rather with only the prosaic, perhaps slightly homely simplicity of the 'common man and woman', the 'salt of the earth', and those who have neither the background, training nor finances to be - or pretend to be - either exotic or subtle, exalted or arcane, the people of Zhineng Qigong simply hope, come, believe, follow, practice and, in great measure, receive. No one is excluded, all are encouraged, because all are part of the Greater Life.

What more can be asked of a teaching - or a practice?

A Total and Comprehensive Approach

This last pronouncement should extinguish the all too ready temptation on the part of energy-work eclectics to subsume Zhineng Qigong into a mindset that views it as yet 'just one more tool' in the ample arsenal of Qigong systems, with the misleading assumption that this too - in an age of patchwork, piecemeal disciplines - can be added to the stew.

However, such is not the case. Zhineng Qigong's impressive record - far and away superior to that of any presently examined method - could hardly be the random result of accident. Such dramatically effective outcomes, differing in quality and quantity from those of its peers, can only imply a mode of operation which differs distinctly and essentially from pre-existent methods of practice.

This, for some, is a difficult pill to swallow; they would prefer to carry on in the manner of adoring curators, collecting beloved additions to their ever-growing archives of esoteric - potentially life-saving - discoveries, deeming thereby that their lives have been further enriched; They may only dimly have begun to realize that, with the increasing ratio of treasures to time remaining, they may not have enough left to see the respective promise of these multiple treasures fulfilled in their life span.

It is a painful and intolerable thought to such inveterate esoteric hobbyists that perhaps these various practices may proceed along essentially and mutually incompatible lines; rather, the tendency of such well-meaning seekers is to hybridize and amalgamate, believing that they have further enriched their lot, and to move on to the next promising adventure.

This stubborn conviction arises from the perceived similarity between Zhineng Qigong and many of the chigongs of the past, such as those of Taoism, with their seemingly shared energy anatomies and modes of function. Nevertheless, if this were so, then the broad-scale effective results manifested by Zhineng Qigong would have been the results manifested by the prior methods - and they quite clearly are not.

While, in some instances, no overt damage may result from this eclectic approach, there is more than likely to be the less perceptible handicap of minimal or slow progress, or of poor results due to the neutralizing effect of crosscurrents or short-circuited energy. While Ming Pang is quite clear on the point that Zhineng Qigong works along essentially unique lines, and should not be assumed to function by the same model of operation as existent chigong practices, people will, as people always have, believe that which they wish to believe in order to do just as they wish to do.

However, Professor Pang is nothing if not respectful of others; rather than enjoining them to follow his way, he merely admonishes them that, should they find another practice effective, they continue to embrace it, and conversely, should they find this the case for Zhineng Qigong, then they should give it their sole allegiance.

On the less desirable side of the picture, an ongoing incompatibility of practices may generate mutually antagonistic energy strategies within one's organism, conflicting 'game plans' which neither enhance each other in their moment-to-moment sequence of deployment nor in their ultimate organic reverberations.

Thus, it is hoped that a word to the wise - if not always the humble -may be sufficient.

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