The diverse levels comprising Hunyuan chi and physical substances

Because substance is evolved from Hunyuan chi, the most primordial and original state of subtle matter is the original state of Hunyuan chi, which can be called original Hunyuan chi. It is a superfine, homogeneous and unique substance with no differentiation in its nature, which fills the whole universe and permeates all things.

It is a unity, and incapable of being divided. It can evolve and transmute itself into different states of superphysical (and subphysical) Hunyuan chi, and can further gather and accumulate into all kinds of three-dimensional manifestations (substances).

In the process of gathering and accumulating Hunyuan chi, when the entirety of the body, the chi and the nature embodied within it becomes condensed to the point of reaching a 'critical density', a physical substance is formed with the visible manifestations of form, energy and mass.

At the same time, its Hunyuan chi is also coherently distributed from the interior to the exterior of the substance, completely surrounding it. Together, both the central physical form and the surrounding Hunyuan chi constitute a Hunyuan entirety.

All known substances in modern sciences, from basic atomic particles to planets, to animals and to mankind, are the manifest transmutations of different states of Hunyuan chi.

In Zhineng Qigong science, the highest level of Hunyuan chi in the universe is termed chi of unified human consciousness. It constitutes the formation and functional processes of Hunyuan chi of the human brain.

Several of the characteristics of the chi of the unity of consciousness are similar to those of original Hunyuan chi, but there is a difference in their respective levels. The former chi is much more complex in its composition.

In addition, the chi of unified consciousness is volitional, that is to say, it has initiative. This form of chi can cause both the original Hunyuan chi and other levels of Hunyuan chi to transmute in various ways. One of the goals of Zhineng Qigong practice is to heighten the ability to gather and condense, disperse and dissolve all levels of Hunyuan chi.

Since 1997, the scientific research of Zhineng Qigong has developed in depth, and the research into the verification of the basic theories of Zhineng Qigong has been enhanced. A number of experiments have been con ducted with the purpose of verifying the fact that Hunyuan chi can be successfully transformed into light, electricity, heat and magnetism. The ultimate purpose of the above-mentioned experiments is to verify the Zhineng Qigong Theory of Three Levels of Universal Matter recently put forward by the author.

In this theory, all matter in the universe is considered to possess three essential elements - mass, energy and information (the definition of information here is different than the conventional one). All matter can be classified into three levels - substance, field and Primordial energy. A substance at the first level has physical manifestation and mass, following the Law of Constant Mass, but its energy and information remain concealed within its mass. Modern science has already cognized the second level of matter - matter existing in the state of a field. This form of matter follows the Law of Constant Energy, with its mass concealed within its manifestations of energy and information. In the physical world studied by modern science, all types of matter follow the Law of Constant Mass and Energy.

In Zhineng Qigong science, the third level of matter - Hunyuan chi, is considered as possessing existence in the universe. This form of matter exists in the state of information, with its mass and energy concealed within its manifestation of information (or existing in a blended state of mass, energy and information). Although Hunyuan chi exhibits no manifestation of energy, it can be transformed into powerful energy. Through special training, the consciousness of man can alter the natural evolving process of the original Hunyuan chi and create matter, known or as yet unknown, directly from the original Hunyuan chi.

Although the above-mentioned experiments are not precise enough, they have virtually demonstrated that the basic theories of Zhineng Qigong are correct. It can be concluded that Zhineng Qigong theory is not merely a body of theory common to chigong science, but a theoretical framework stimulating modern science to explore new fields, to develop a new human culture and to promote the evolution of civilization.

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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