The principles of the Inner Perception Method

a. Superintelligence is an indispensable prerequisite.

The faculty of superintelligence is indispensable in the processes of both understanding and transforming the world. Herein, superintelligence may be understood to mean inborn special abilities; but more importantly it refers to that higher intelligence which is acquired by special training -chiefly chigong training.

The practitioner's level of superintelligence directly decides the range, depth and accuracy of her cognition of the world. It also controls the degree and the reliability of her effectiveness in beneficially transforming the world. In chigong science, the dependence upon superintelligence is quite similar to the dependence of modern sciences upon instruments, equipment and the skill of those performing the research.

The Inner Perception Method possesses the disadvantages of its somewhat mysterious status and of its reliance upon highly intuitive thought processes; these can be overcome only by the widespread dissemination of the knowledge of chigong and by the active participation of a progressively greater number of people.

b. The process of application of the Inner Perception Method is a process of perfecting or optimizing one's own life processes.

In chigong science, the process of applying the Inner Perception Method is also a process of chigong practice in which the practitioner's level of function can be enhanced, and by which her life processes can also be opti mized. The most important task of chigong science is to study the entirety of the process of health-enhancement, and its laws. This research process is also one of gradual self-perfecting, progressing from lower to higher levels.

For the researcher-practitioner, the progressive application of the Inner Perception Method, in accordance with the Hunyuan Entirety Theory and corresponding practice methods of Zhineng Qigong, actually constitutes a process of self-perfecting. Zhineng Qigong places its emphasis of practice upon both internal chi and external Hunyuan chi; the external Hunyuan chi of nature is absorbed into the body in order to enhance one's life functions. Great attention is paid to improving one's ability to bring external Hunyuan chi into full play.

c. The application of the Inner Perception Method must be based upon knowledge obtained through the External Observation Method.

Knowledge obtained through outer observation refers to knowledge gained by the respective approaches of modern science and philosophy, as well as other generally existing knowledge obtained by means of ordinary intelligence.

In the process of exploring the object of cognition through super-intelligence, conscious instructions are given through the faculties of ordinary intelligence. If one's ordinary knowledge is neither broad nor deep enough, it will be impossible to issue the proper conscious instructions to the faculty of superintelligence in order to explore the object in question.

The processes of distinguishing and judging by means of one's own frame of reference are based upon ordinary knowledge, and are necessary in analyzing the information acquired through superintelligence. Ordinary intelligence is also needed in order to guide superintelligence in acting upon the object of its inquiry. The evaluation of the results of the application of superintelligence requires not only repeated experimentation through the practice of the Inner Perception Method, but also, within specific parameters and to a sufficient degree, corroborating proof yielded by the External Observation Method.

In the most complete view of chigong, the Inner Perception Method is not purely a process of inward perception because it also embraces within itself the External Observation Method. Moreover, in studying human life and the life of the natural world, the tremendous data obtained by the Inner Perception Method also needs to be processed - by analysis, induction, synthesis, deduction and other methods of logical inference - all of which constitute the fundamental or basic operative principle of the External Ob servation Method - data processing. Without these, it is impossible to obtain correct and complete knowledge of the many complex and multi-faceted processes of life.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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