The reason for the healing effect of chigong practice

According to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and chigong, all diseases are caused either by the shortage of blood and chi or by the abnormal circulation or movement of blood and chi. In such cases, various life processes become unbalanced.

Through chigong practice, on the one hand, the blood and chi can become plentiful, and on the other hand, the smooth and unimpeded circulation of blood and chi can be promoted.

In this way, it may be said: "One never falls ill when one's blood and chi function (or circulate) well," and "When plentiful healthy chi dwells within, unhealthy influences cannot interfere."

The mechanism by which this occurs is generally identical with that of acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as massage therapy, in Chinese medicine. The difference lies only in the specific methods of practice.

Some may wonder how a pathogen, such as a bacterium in the patient's body, is dispelled. Traditional Chinese Medicine and chigong formulated the foundations for the functioning of chi: when healthy chi is plentiful and circulating well, all unhealthy elements will die or disappear. Bacteria are no exception. Is this true? Most certainly! Many Zhineng Qigong practitioners can provide such ironclad evidence.

Repeated modern scientific experiments have also proved that immunity is greatly improved after chigong practice; the number of white blood cells and their pathogen-engulfing abilities and parameters are all considerably increased.

In addition, the chi sent forth from a practitioner can also kill germs and viruses. If this out-sent chi works outside the body, the same chi will surely work inside the body as well, where the mind, the chi and the internal anatomy are interconnected in a much more intimate way.

The healing effect is the initial benefit after one commences one's chigong practice, and it is also the most elementary one. It can be regarded as the ongoing reward while one is passing through the life-long journey of chigong practice; it is also the foundation by which to transmute oneself through the sustained practice of chigong.

Strictly speaking, the purpose of chigong practice is not to directly heal or to cure illness, but to readjust the life processes as a whole. Stabilizing, mutually interactive transformations, wherein things return to normal, always occur after the practice of chigong: high blood pressure becomes lower, while pressure that is too low becomes higher; the obese lose weight while the thin gain weight. All functions become normalized.

There is one thing that should be pointed out; this is, that although the healing range of chigong is truly broad, and its effectiveness is genuinely amazing, it is not omnipotent.

It should be clear that, as with any other existing science, it is not absolutely applicable for every situation or condition, but rather has its own range of effectiveness. It is wrong to believe that chigong heals no real illnesses, and it is also inappropriate to deify chigong.

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